Tools that are a Must Have for every Content Writer


The key to content writing indeed is the love of the English language and a creative brain. However, that is not the only requirement to become that perfect content writer. To be a Content Writer, one must have the tools that give an excellent finishing to their written work, protection of their work and right usage of the written content. While creative ideas and impeccable grammar make it readable, there are several other elements a Content Writer should know about to make this piece of work presentable, resourceful and protective. Knowledge and a knack for using the below seven tools will be of great help in ensuring safety, presentation, and SEO.

Scrape breaker

When you write a piece of content, you would naturally want your content to be only on your website-nowhere else. Sometimes, when website content is not protected from the frame or server-side scraping, the visitors will be redirected to another page with duplicate content. Do you want this to happen? The Scrape breaker plug-in helps you be safe from such situation. Once you have this plug-in installed, your content is protected from scraping, gets your visitors back, keeps your content to you and boost SEO performance.

 Google alerts

What do you do when you are supposed to write about something trending currently but have less time to research? Ask Google for an alert. This is an exclusive tool from Google through which you have anything you want to search for, directly received into your inbox. All you should do is to type in the keyword and set an alert. For instance, if you have to write something about fashion, type fashion and set an alert. Google will notify any blog, news, video, etc. released under this category to you along with the link. To amazement, you can set unlimited alerts. Themonitordaily.Com is a site that keeps you informed about the all the news.

For all the SEO activities that your content needs, helps. Whether you need to analyze keywords, check the position of your blog content, character limit, proxy rating, content duplication check, etc. helps. Reviews state that is excellent for proxy-related concerns associated with your website.


For the writers of podcasts, Spreaker acts as the publishing tool. Sign up with Spreaker to follow your favorite podcasts or published the recent written one. By using this app, you can record a podcast, broadcast it live, and share it on social networks and a lot more. Moreover, if you have the desktop or mobile app, you can also migrate the content by using the RSS Importer.

Like any other non-repudiation service provider on the web, My Free Copyright gives you support to protect any work you want to keep it to yourself. This is a great tool to register to protect your content and websites. Register for an account by filling a short, simple form and select your kind of work you want to protect.

Get smarter with the above gems on how to be perfect with your content presentation. With the above and much more from The Monitor Daily, you will be in a position to create content that will increase readability and lead to conversion.

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