Tips To Increase The Value of Your Home



You want to fetch the best price when you put up your house on sale. Like selling anything else, you need to make your house more marketable in the buyer market by refurbishing it to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

While you need to improve the appearance of your house to improve its value in the market overspend on home improvement will trim down your margins or make you run at a loss when you can’t find a buyer to meet your demands.

Here are tips to increase the value of your home that don’t involve spending a lot of money.

Clean and declutter

Your house could be the best in the neighbourhood but no one will buy it if the on the viewing day they find a dirty house full of clutter.

You need to mop, wipe and keep your house clean when you put in on the market. Dust your furniture and the table tops and ensure aspect of your house is squeaky clean. It will surprise how many potential buyers you can get with a clean and fresh-smelling house.

Also, remove all the furniture and other items that you don’t need from the house. A cluttered house looks smaller which affects the prices you can get for it.

Paint it

You need to add a coat of paint if the paintwork on your house has started peeling off or has decolourised.

The cost of painting can be significantly high but a fresh coat of paint makes your house look new which can then fetch you better prices in the market. While at it, also paint the roof, the garage and the gate to give the impression of properly maintained property.

Open the windows and let the light in

Open the windows to let in a dash of fresh air and light when showing a potential buyer around your home. The house will smell better and everything will seem brighter which adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Draw your curtains to let in as much natural light as possible and have all the doors leading to various rooms open. It shows that you have nothing to hide as well as making the rooms look cleaner and more spacious.

Replace your sockets and handles

It doesn’t add up to have a house that looks new because of a fresh paint job but with old and damaged sockets, switches and handles. This can turn off some buyers or diminish the value of your property.

A little investment in new and modern fixtures could go a long way in fetching higher prices for your property. Remove and replace worn out and damaged sockets with modern ones that have USB ports and get a new Garage Door Opener System to replace the one that has been getting stuck for years.

Also, get stainless door handles to add some shine to your rooms.


The exterior of your property makes a first impression on a potential buyer. Keep your surrounding clean and if you can, plant some fresh plants that will make the environment more appealing and homely.

If you have water features as part of your landscape, then make sure it’s working and the water is clean on the day you show someone around.

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