Tips For Dealing With A Setback In Your Life

Even the most successful people have to deal with setbacks and mishaps every once in a while. You’re not alone if you’re in the process of dealing with a roadblock in your life. Be happy to know that with the right approach and mindset, you too can find happiness again.

It’s important to remain hopeful throughout the rebuilding process and not to get too down as you focus on re-establishing yourself. The first step is to realize that setbacks are normal and will likely occur even more than once as you journey through life. Therefore, learn more about what you can do to better deal with these events and how to pull yourself out of a frustrating slump and move forward.


Set Goals

Your first order of business should be to set goals for what it is you want to achieve in the future, even though that may be hard to picture right now in your current state. Just because you’re stuck or are feeling helpless in the present moment doesn’t mean you can’t create a brighter future for yourself. You need to visualize your objectives and what it is you see yourself doing down the road so you can turn your dreams into reality. Write down specifics and how you’re going to go about accomplishing each goal so you can review these notes daily and stay on track.

Get Your Finances in Order

You can also deal with a setback in your life by getting your finances in order and knowing what money you have coming in and going out each month. For example, if your setback is that you lost your job, then you’ll likely want to consider looking into learning more about and obtaining loans for unemployed. This way you can get the money you need in the short-term, so you can slowly get back on your feet again. In the meantime, keep applying for jobs and trying to secure a position you enjoy doing or that will at least pay the bills for now.

Read Self-Help Books & Articles

Another idea to help get your mind on the right track again is to read self-help books and articles and visit relevant websites. You can deal with a setback in your life by studying what it is you can be doing to help get yourself in a better position. Often these authors have been in your shoes before and can offer practical tips for how you can reposition yourself and get ahead. Do some research and pick out a topic that best relates to your specific situation and then take this advice and run with it.

Find Support

Although you may feel alone in this moment and in your life when experiencing a setback, the truth is that you’re not. All you may have to do to feel less lonely and isolated is reach out and ask for advice and support from others. Speak up about what’s going in your life with your friends and family members and see what suggestions they have for you to move forward. Be vulnerable with them and share your story so they have the full picture and can intervene in the best way they know how. You may also want to look into securing a mentor who can be there to lend an open ear and helping hand as you try to bounce back from your setback.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s going to be tempting to put your needs on the backburner when you’re going through a crisis. However, this is the most detrimental action you can take and will only hurt you in the long run. Instead, use this time you have to take better care of yourself, including:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Finding hobbies you enjoy
  • Treating yourself (i.e., a massage or spa day)

You’ll find you’re more likely to feel happier and more hopeful about the future when you’re properly caring for your mind and body. When you neglect your health you may struggle even more so to get to a better place in your life.

Control Your Emotions

Taking good care of yourself is also going to help you to regulate your emotions. It’s going to be easier to deal with a setback when you use the logical side of your brain instead of allowing your feelings to take over. Otherwise, you risk getting very down on yourself and maybe even becoming depressed. Instead, focus on action items you can be taking now to get yourself back on the right path. Try practicing yoga or meditation as well to help you clear your mind and get your emotions under control.

Have A Positive Attitude

Deal with a setback in your life by striving to maintain a positive attitude throughout your journey to improving your situation. Know this can be very challenging to do when all your mind wants to do is focus on is what’s going wrong. It may help you to keep a journal and write down what it is you’re grateful for in your life as it stands today. If you get too upset with yourself, it may hinder you from wanting to step up and take action. Therefore, be mindful of your thoughts and your self-talk so you can try to regulate it in the moment and challenge any negative remarks.

Never Give up

Better deal with a setback in your life by committing never to give up on yourself. It’s going to be easy to fall back into bad habits and your old ways when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere in the moment. However, you need to be able to pick yourself back up each morning and charge forward with the determination that you will get through this if you put your mind to it. It’s important to be diligent and focused each day so you can start to progress in a forward direction and not feel so stuck with or overwhelmed by your current circumstances.


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