These Tips Can Help Motorcyclists Stay Safe When on the Road


There is no greater experience than taking to the open road on your motorcycle. However, it can be dangerous out there for many motorcyclists, especially when contending inattentive or aggressive drivers.

In this event, the following motorcycle safety tips can help prevent a devastating accident from occurring. While some accidents may be unavoidable, doing your part is a paramount to remaining safe and secure when on the road.

Cars and Trucks Dominate the Road

It’s obvious that cars and trucks are dominating forces when on the road. Accordingly, these vehicles may all but miss motorcyclists, which can lead to a number of serious accidents.

The relative size of motorcycles also plays a role in this lack of recognition. Motorcycles can easily slip into another vehicle’s blind spot, thereby increasing the chances of a collision occurring. While drivers are encouraged to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, some remain woefully unaware.

Proper Handling of a Motorcycle Can Be Misinterpreted

While it’s quite clear that operating a motorcycle is far different than operating other types of vehicles, many drivers commonly misinterpret proper motorcycle procedure. One facet of this involves the way motorcyclists decelerate. This is usually accomplished via downshifting, which does not trigger the brake light. As a result, other motorists are encouraged to give motorcyclists a wide berth when on the road.

Drivers should also be aware that a motorcycle’s turn signals do not shut off automatically like other vehicles. Drivers must keep this fact in mind when sharing the road to help reduce the occurrence of serious accidents.

Be Sure to Afford Respect to Motorcyclists

Some drivers may harbor ill-conceived notions about motorcyclists that can lead to unwarranted animosity. This is particularly true for those drivers ignorant of motorcycle operation, which can appear flashy or careless to the untrained eye.

To this end, it’s crucial for drivers to respect motorcyclists when out and about. This can be accomplished by ensuring they have enough room to make important maneuvers, and do not immediately assume that a motorcyclist is showing off when maneuvering around the road.

What to Do If You’re Involved in an Accident

Of course, even the safest motorcyclists may still find themselves involved in an accident. In this case, it may be necessary to hire legal counsel to ensure your case presented fairly after an accident occurs. Establishing whether legal assistance is required involves a few key factors.

For instance, those incurring significant injuries as a result of an accident should hire an attorney as soon as possible. This is also true in those cases where fault is disputed. It may be difficult to prove your case to an insurance company if the other driver is claiming you are at fault, which is where legal representation is crucial. Should you have questions about whether particular your case requires legal intervention, it’s best to contact an attorney directly.

A Safe Driving Experience for All

Maintaining a safe driving environment for all motorists should be a priority when on the road. While motorcyclists must undertake certain precautions to ensure their safety, other drivers must also follow suit to create a safe driving experience for all. Doing so can not only prevent property damage and injury from occurring, but may in fact save a life.

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