The revival of branding

In recent years, advertising campaigns sought above all direct results. Now marketers turn to agree on the importance of branding.

Brand Text With Symbols

For years he fought in the online advertising market with advertisers who were interested only get an immediate result. Direct selling was what mattered and branding campaigns sometimes considered as a waste of time and money.

The latter is mostly related to the offline world because of the difficulty of relating the impact of an advertisement on the radio, television or newspapers to the income of a company. There remains a great myth that the online everything is measurable and that for every action can measure the effects in detail. The truth is that there are many cross-effects which complicate measure immediate effects of actions on social networks, advertisements in Google Adwords campaigns e-mail marketing, etc.

More and more marketers now realize what some already know long ago. Every action in the offline world has an impact on the web. Both are inseparable and the connection is even looking more and more. When out an ad on television can even measure the impact of increased brand search of a website. This branding is a key first point of contact for medium to long term this user end up buying my products or hiring my services.

In a world where the positive points of contact are more relevant than the funnel , branding is the opener to the target audience. I’m not buying right away if I do not know you. Even the “fundamentalists” of online realize that offline campaigns can help them sell more online if they have a view over the medium to long term.

The branding had never died . It has only been slighted during a time when the crisis has forced us all to produce more immediate results. Now we realize we need a medium- to long-term when we want that advertising works for us. Short-term results are still possible but are increasingly difficult to achieve and do not last forever.

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