What Are The Best Industries To Start A Business In Right Now?

Entrepreneurs don’t have to be experts in the sector they are working in. This might come as a surprise since people are often told to create businesses that play to our strengths, but it’s something that is entirely true – as long as you understand business and you know that you can hire specialists who do understand the sector to run the business and help you create something profitable, you can choose to start a business in any sector you want to.

This creates a lot more freedom for business owners who can look at what the most profitable sectors are to have a business in rather than having to stick with something that might not suit or be profitable just because it’s where they have experience. Being a business owner isn’t necessarily about working in the business at all; it’s about working on the business, and that requires business knowledge and experience – the rest is down to your team. With that in mind, as long as you intend to be a more hands-off (in terms of the core products or services you provide) business owner, it’s worth considering which industries are the best ones to start a business in right now. Which ones are going to offer you the best chance of success? Read on to find out.



When you think of the transportation industry, it’s clear that this is an area that is making great strides into the future. From self-driving cars to new apps for lift-sharing as well as electric cars, not to mention the logistics industry, which is ever-growing thanks to the online shopping trend growing too, this is an industry that is going places, and it’s a good one to start a business in because these advancements are not slowing down and people will always need transport in one form or another.

Every individual relies on transport for something each day, but it’s not just personal use you can consider; companies require just as much in terms of transportation, and therefore there is a huge demand for more and for better. The more radical your idea is when it comes to your transportation business, the more interested people will be, especially when any form of technology is involved since this is the direction that all transportation will need to go in. Therefore, if you want to start a transportation business, you’ll need to look for partners with these new and exciting ideas if you want to make an impact. Once you find this, however, and you put your business skills to good use, you should create a wave – you should certainly aim to. 

Of course, since transportation is something we all think about every day, even if it’s only that we need to get to work and have to drive or take the bus, that does mean there is sure to be a relatively high amount of competition. It’s an exciting industry, and many people will want to do the same as you and start a high-concept new business within it. This means you need to know how to stand out and how to make your transportation company the one that people come to.

Looking at trends is a good way to get started. When you look at trends, you are looking at pain points. What is it that customers don’t like about the current transportation companies that you can fix and therefore stand out because of? Perhaps it’s cost, how the drivers are treated, or the types of cars that are used. It could be any of these things or something else entirely, but discovering the pain points of your potential customers and ensuring they know your transportation company is different because you can alleviate that pain and annoyance is crucial.


Technology runs almost anything and everything you can think of. There will be an app that helps you no matter what it is you want, and if there isn’t one yet, then it is sure that someone somewhere is creating one. Technology runs the world, and because it’s highly unlikely that we will ever go back to a time when technology wasn’t important (if such a time has ever existed) and because more and more money is being plowed into this area, it’s clear that, when you want to start a business that is going to grow, technology is the industry to be in.

The biggest issue for anyone who wants to start a technology company is the competition. Again, because this is such an important part of everyone’s life, there are many new technology startups coming into existence every day. Therefore, it’s crucial you stand out in a crowded – perhaps over-crowded – marketplace.

One way to go about this is to think small. As an ambitious business owner, this might not be the way you generally go about doing things, but it could mean the difference between success and failure in the technology industry. When we say you should think small, we don’t mean that you should curtail your plans or have any fewer ambitions; what we mean is that rather than trying to come up with something that will appeal to everyone, it’s far better to pick a smaller section of society and work out what they want. Create something that fits with their ideas and passions, and you can grow from there. Targeted and specialized technology is much more saleable and scalable than something more general, which isn’t going to be what at least some, and perhaps the majority, of people want anyway. Going down this route will only waste a lot of your marketing budget and bring you no additional sales.


Although hospitals will always have their place, as the world becomes more technologically advanced and patients are much more aware of their conditions, how it affects them, and the kind of treatment they are looking for, there is more and more room for independent clinics that specialize in a variety of different ailments. This added to the fact that the population is growing and getting older, and senior care facilities are also required more now than ever before. With this in mind, if you’re interested not just in creating a business that makes a good profit but one that helps people as well, the healthcare industry may well be the ideal one to consider.

As detailed already, you don’t have to be an expert in your industry in order to do well, but having some idea of what is happening will be useful, and if the healthcare industry is one that intrigues you, you might want to dig deeper. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by applying for Suffolk University’s online MBA degree in health sector management, which will give you a better overall picture of the industry. Even if you do not intend to be on the front line of medical care, this degree will give you the knowledge you need to know what to look for when you’re hiring staff, and even which sector in healthcare is the best option for your business.

Having this additional healthcare-focused business degree is a good way to stand out in the healthcare industry. On top of this, working out where the gaps currently are in the healthcare industry will enable you to find an under-represented niche where your business can really thrive and be of use.

Green Products And Services

The environmentis something that is on many people’s minds a lot of the time. The future of the planet is, after all, in our hands, and no matter how small, everything we do to help will have an impact. When it comes to choosing a business sector to create a startup in, the green market is an excellent choice. More and more consumers are actively seeking out environmentally friendly products, and more and more businesses are looking for ways to be kinder to the planet. So whether you choose to sell to individuals or businesses, you should find you have a large market and, with the right marketing and unique products or service, profit should be inevitable as long as you put your business know-how to good use.

If you’re looking for an industry that still has plenty of room to grow, green products and services are a good choice. Unlike some other sectors you could consider for your business, eco-friendly ideas have yet to be fully explored, and this means you can more easily speak to experts and create an idea that is unique and, importantly, what the market wants.

Real Estate

You might think there are more than enough real estate agencies already, each one fighting for a piece of the property action. However, although this is a fairly popular place to set up a business, being a realtor isn’t the only option. Buying and selling houses is, of course, something that will continue to happen for as long as anyone can envisage, but homeownership is becoming more and more difficult for younger generations who are unable to obtain mortgages or down payments.

This means they need other options. Whether that means making mortgages simpler, offering specialist help when it comes to down payments, becoming a landlord with multiple properties for the rental market, or doing something entirely different – something that, perhaps, would turn the real estate industry on its head – the choice is a vast one. You won’t need specialist industry knowledge, as is the same for most of the other business ideas on this list, but a passion for helping people should be part of your thought process. The real estate arena is one fraught with emotion, whether someone is selling a much-loved family home, struggling to find somewhere to live, or is simply frustrated with how long the process takes. If you can ensure your business is one that shows it cares and, ideally, can help with any or all of these issues, then you will be able to stand out, even if there are many other similar companies trying to do the same thing.


Considering that most hospitality venues will have had to stay shut for the better part of a year, and longer in some cases, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, you might not feel that hospitality is a good option – it’s vulnerable, that much is obvious. However, now that things are opening up again, people are keener than ever to go out and enjoy themselves. They want to find new and exciting places to go, and they are willing to spend the money they’ve saved by not going out.

Hospitality, which includes not just restaurants and bars but hotels and leisure facilities, did face a hard and challenging time recently, but with some forward planning just in case anything similar might happen again (and this forward planning would need to include virtual opportunities, of course), it could be exactly the right time to launch in this industry. As long as you can entice visitors to return, you could have a highly profitable and long-term success story to enjoy.


Looking back over what people did during the pandemic, there was a huge upturn in their use of the internet, streamingservices, and gaming. They needed entertainment, and this kind of virtual world was the only thing that could offer it to them. What’s great about this is that once the floodgates had opened, they were never going to close again, and those who developed a taste for online gaming or streaming their favorite box sets will continue to enjoy this even when they can return to ‘normal’ life.

It makes sense, then, that a good industry to start a business in has to be the media industry. It’s fast-changing, exciting, and is seeing huge growth in all directions. Plus, because media is present in everyone’s lives and can link to any particular hobbies or interests, you should be able to find something to work on that doesn’t just interest the public, but that holds some kind of interest for you too. This is an important factor that isn’t often addressed; your own enjoyment needs to be catered for even if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the industry you’re starting a business in.

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