The Best Celebrity Photobombs

Photobombing is almost a national sport these days. The celebs are in on the act and even pets seem keen to share the spotlight. Sometimes you even get a combination of the two such as when Sarah Hyland and Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Eve selfie was photobombed by Hyland’s cat! This was what Instagram was created for? Right?

New York’s Daily News features a whole album of star photobombs at but if you’re far too busy taking photos – or photobombing someone else’s – her are a few of the best.

The Best Celebrity Photobombs

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You can’t blame celebrities for getting bored on the red carpet, especially ones that have been stepping out on scarlet for years. You’ve got to think that that was why Emma Thompson decided to leap into action as an extra in a Lupita Nyongo’o snap at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards in 2014. The Mexican actress still managed to look stunning, despite Brit Emma gurning over her shoulder, but then it’s hard to believe that a bad photograph has ever been taken of Lupita. The Hollywood newcomer had the last laugh, however. Both of the ladies were nominated for different awards at the ceremony but Emma missed out while the 12 Years a Slave star scooped the prize for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role. If the memory does not stretch back that far, read the full list of nominees and winners on the CNN website at It’s a shame there wasn’t a prize for best photobomb.

Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch, meanwhile, reached new heights to overshadow global stars U2 on the Academy Awards red carpet in 2014. It normally takes quite a lot to upstage Bono but Benedict went out on a limb and managed it admirably. Surely Bono didn’t mind at all. He was looking through rose tinted spectacles after all. You have to hope, however, that no one decided to return the favour when Benedict got married on the Isle of Wight a year later – or that he picked a professional wedding photographer, such as Nick Rutter sopley mill wedding photographer, who would never reveal the snaps.

Queen B-omb

If you’re looking for a right royal photobomb, however, you’d have to go a long way to beat the Queen. Whether she even knows what photobombing is is irrelevant, she’s got the crown for one of the best ones ever. Imagine the surprise when Australian hockey player Jayde Taylor and her teammate realised who was standing in the background of their selfie at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Now that’s a class act; one that even a Sopley Mill Wedding Photographer might struggle to hold back.

Mind you, it seems like there might be plenty more royal photobombing to come in future years. Following in grandma’s footsteps, Prince Harry did his own bit of show stealing at the Commonwealth Games, subtly overshadowing New Zealand officials during the women’s swimming in 2014. You’ve got to think that he must have had training from the photobombing Queen.

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