Move a lot? Here are 2 Comprehensive Services Offered By Removals and Storage Companies in Australia


Picking the right company to help you move can be daunting especially when you lack the time to look around the town or haven’t stayed in that place for long. You may decide to look online and you’ll find interesting fits of removals and moving companies offering all the services you need. However, they may be dubious and until you see positive reviews and accredited certifications, you shouldn’t agree to have them move your possessions.

A credible moving company in Australia must be industry accredited and a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association; AFRA. This means that the company adheres to set codes of conduct to meet industry standards. It should also have well trained specialists and well-services trucks and vans. The services offered by an all rounded Australian removals and moving company include:

Removals/ Moving

When ready to move, this company will bring in trained personnel to load your possessions into the vehicles and take you to your destination. A great company would therefore make moves though different cities and not just limited to one city. Movement from Melbourne Perth and Brisbane would therefore be possible.

The size of the furniture should never intimidate the moving company because it should be well equipped to handle such cargo. This means that home and office moving should never pose a threat to good moving companies. Great moving companies accept challenges, they can disassemble and reassemble furniture if need be. Therefore, this shouldn’t be your worry.


In many instances, people move out of offices and homes without clear destinations in mind. In other cases, people require storage space for short or long term periods due to different reasons. They could be making interstate or intercity relocations or lack enough storage space at their current residences or offices. In such cases, the removals and moving companies should cater for their needs.

Repetitive loading and unloading of items after moving out of the old location to a newer one is taxing and stressing. Therefore, you’ll prefer a place that can safely store everything till the day of the move. In such cases, mobile storage units would work best for you.

Storage of valuable for a longer period; say before a yard sale, auction or when you need to safely store your belongings when taking sabbaticals, container storage Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth would be the perfect fit for you. The container storage as well as the modular self-storage option would fit your needs.

The best part about these storage options is that you get access to these containers at all times and you can add or remove stuff from the units as you wish. The modular units are lockable thus secure.

You will always get a good quote from these companies. There are discounts offered and the rates depend on the location, distance to be covered, value of your possessions and the time the storage units will be used. With such affordable rates and the most professional removal and storage specialists, you will be able to sleep peacefully wherever you will be.

Author Bio

Amelia Rawlings is a Real Estate agent with an excellent portfolio of clients who have used the container storage Brisbane offers for its clients. Her hobbies are writing and travelling. She therefore moves a lot due to her love for spontaneity and recommends container storage Brisbane.

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