How to make your company more memorable to potential customers

Giving your business that extra push to be among the best that is on offer is something most, if not all, companies are trying to do today. To clinch that all-important sale or gain that customer with the big money order, you need to go that extra mile.

Having a positive company image is one of the ways in which you can do just that. Most people, nowadays, research every purchase on the web, and that will include your potential customers too, whether they are the general public or another business. The need to look good on all platforms is essential for a growing, thriving business.


That said, a lot rides on having excellent customer service. Customer service isn’t just about how you answer the telephone. It goes way deeper. Here are some ways in which you could help improve your business’ image and help boost your customer service in a subtle way but which will be noticed by your customers.

Organize your employees

By getting your employees organized, putting in place procedures for getting jobs done will help with workloads and scheduling. This, in turn, helps with getting the products or services to the customer on time. Consistently delivering products or services on time or even ahead of schedule is a significant boost for any customer, whether they are members of the public or, especially, if they are another business. It means that what they do will move more smoothly and that everyone’s targets are hit.

Investing in Gantt chart software can help you do this. Everyone involved will be able to see the different stages a job has and the status of those stages. This can show your workers what time scale they are working to and what is expected of them. It will also give you an idea of whether you will be late, on time, or ahead of schedule on a job long before its end so you can act to adjust expectations.

Getting your emails organized

Using email signature software like the one available from Rocketseed can sort the look of your emails. Making them standardized for your company with your own company sign-off will make them look competent and professional. It will also look good that all staff, regardless of whether they send emails every day and all day long, or if they send emails just once in a blue moon, will follow the same procedure keeping everything looking uniform and professional.

Keeping your employees looking smart

You could also invest in keeping your employees looking smart by having a uniform or a dress code. It seems today that office attire is looking more and more like that worn to an expensive restaurant rather than the office. The company dress code of ‘smart’ appears to have gone way out the window and is now about being ‘overdressed.’ By having a uniform, all employees dress the same, no overdressing, no embarrassment. A visiting customer can see at a glance who works for the company and who doesn’t. Having a dress code for the office works, too. There is no one wearing distracting clothing or looking like they’ve just walked in off the street, night club or straight out of a date night.

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