How About The Magento Enterprise Development?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In fact, we have grown up believing in that. Interestingly, all major discoveries around the world have centred upon one common thing – NEED. That’s how internet came into being and holding the hands of internet, there comes e-commerce. Again, reach limitation of the bricks and mortar businesses and the growing responsibilities at the workplaces have paved for the e-commerce boom.

But, you are not alone even in the world of e-commerce. In fact, there has been an increasing need for differentiating online offers and to do that effectively, you need a user-friendly e-commerce platform. Magento Enterprise Development has all that on offer to make a real difference to your e-commerce site.

If you still have any question on the authenticity of our observation here, we then recommend you to visit the websites of worlds some of the best-known companies such as Samsung, Nokia, and Lenovo for a reference. You will by default see that they all have adopted this enterprise version of Magento for their sites and thus, have carved out a niche for themselves in their e-commerce ventures.

Key features of Magento Enterprise Development:

  • Open source web application: This can be construed as one of the major advantages of Magento Enterprise Development. Being an open source web application, it sets you free from any encumbrance for developing your site. On the other side, you can connect with the like-minded professionals for any support service.
  • Unique flexibility: Flexibility is another important aspect for considering the enterprise version of Magento for your business. You will be happy to know that when you develop your site here on Magento, your site becomes highly agile and user-friendly. For instance, your site becomes seductive with sound functionality and you can control contents easily.
  • High SEO orientation: SEO is the name of the game for any e-commerce venture today. The enterprise version of Magento has truly understood this. Therefore, it provides URLs on products and category pages that are highly SEO friendly. In consequence, the chances of higher ranking of your site in the search engine results worldwide always remains a priority. In other words, adopting the enterprise version of Magento for your site, you can potentially increase traffic to your site thereby an increased opportunity to sell.
  • Secure and multiple payment gateways: You get as many as 50 payment gateways here that are fully secured. The best part is that it supports the multi-currency transactions, up-sell, and M-Commerce features.
  • Multilingual support: Your e-commerce portal has a customer base spread all over the world. It further construes that people from different parts of the world are making purchases online with you. As such, being different and offering something in their colloquial language potentially increases the opportunities for up-sell. You get support for 60 languages here.

The list isn’t exhaustive. In fact, there are many to explore with the enterprise version of Magento such as the intelligent pricing per customer and custom search to name a few more here.

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