Geek Culture: Things A True Geek Should Possess

Most geeks embrace their brainy peculiarities with a sense of pride, especially when it comes to pop culture and the newest gadgets on the market. Here are the top seven items that no geek should have to go without this year.



Image via Flickr by Forgemind ArchiMedia
3D printing might be the next thing of the future, but most in-home models are pricey and still quite limited. Instead of playing with a beginning home 3D printer for somewhere around $3,000 or $4,000, true geeks can play with the 3D pen and save their dollars for better models coming in the next few years. The 3Doodler allows you to turn your drawings into 3D sculptures, and this nifty little pen goes for just a fraction of the printer price, costing just under $100.

USB Cooler/Warmer

Show up the rest of the office with this crazy clever USB thermal drink holder. The Just-So Soda holder on ThinkGeek holds one can and keeps it the perfect temperature. The small box is shaped like a safe and can be set to heat or cool while plugged into a USB port.

Smart Home Equipment

Nerds who are all about technological advances and simultaneously saving the planet will rejoice in the newest home solutions for keeping things smart. You can control your lights, outlets, thermostats, appliances, and more directly from your smartphone, so you can keep your energy costs low when you aren’t at home. Plug your item into a smart device or use a smart bulb, download the app, and start running the show from wherever you are with your phone.

iPad Mini 3


Image via Flickr by blakespot
Can you even be a geek if you aren’t an Apple lover and proud owner of all new devices each year? The new Apple iPad Mini 3 is a beauty, measuring in at 7.9 inches of retina display and offering an impressive 10 hours of battery life. The fast wireless, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and FaceTime HD camera of the iPad Mini 3 are just a few of the reasons geeks are giving this device glowing reviews.


Rather than let your toothpaste tube get mashed around by your significant other or family member who just doesn’t get it, use the Tube-Wringer and never worry about it again. This contraption makes twisting out toothpaste easy and mauling the tube significantly more difficult. The Tube-Wringer also keeps your bathroom clean and helps streamline your morning routine.

Bioluminescent Pet


Image via Flickr by ericrossrosenbaum
This little piece of nature in a paperweight is just short of magical. Forget the beauty of Avatar’s Pandora. This is real life! Dinoflagellates are a single-celled plankton that reside in this mini aquarium and glow brilliantly in the dark. The small organisms use nutrients, water, and sunlight during the day to power their beautiful nighttime appearance. At just over $50, this geeky desk treasure is perfect for holding down reports, impressing your colleagues, and helping you waste endless hours gazing into its depths.


This is not a glue. It’s actually a welding tool for liquid plastic fixes! The plastic welder is the first of its kind and comes in at just under $25. Most true geeks aren’t satisfied by their super bonding glue when trying to fix smooth surfaces like plastic, fiberglass, and wood. This welder melts down a clear plastic filler before curing and shaping it to fill the gap and fix the item. Nerds unite! You can now fix everything from your plastic glasses to your fraying cables so you can save your money for all the sweet new gadgets that appear on the market.

Every year it’s a race to the top with gizmos and gadgets set to impress. The geek life isn’t solely about spending that paper, but we know if you go too long without a hit you will be itching to buy. New technology doesn’t get any newer as you sit with a hole burning in your pocket, reading those online reviews and specs. What’s next in your geek purchase queue?

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