Five technology trends that will dominate CES 2015

The arrival of a new year is very important for the industry technology and electronics since early January a new edition is done Consumer Electronics Show, one of the highlights of the sector. During CES 2015, as in previous years, we will see what the latest market trends, and also can have a look at devices that will be launched during the course of the year. Let’s look at what will be the five technology trends that will dominate CES 2015 :

Five technology trends that will dominate CES 2015

1) Smart Home : o-called “smart homes” if you prefer the term in Spanish. At CES we’ve been watching TVs, washing machines, ovens, microwaves and refrigerators for decades, but only in recent years they have gained the ability to connect to the Internet. Now we can control virtually all devices in the home from your smartphone. The era of Smart Home is just beginning and we have plenty of surprises, some of which we will see in this year’s CES.

2) 4K Resolution : hope to see this little everywhere. While it was already present in the 2014 edition, the 4K becoming harder this year. More monitors and TVs are starting to make use of it, and many companies have products that use waiting to be presented. The cameras capable of recording in this capacity will also say this.

3) Wearables : smart accessories began to become quite popular last year, mainly thanks to the launch of Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola. A new wave of products of this type come to CES 2015 to leave the audience amazed. It is expected that some even win capabilities to control multiple devices, all from your wrist.

4) Autos connected : companies the automotive industry will also have his corner in the famous event in Las Vegas. We know that there are several of them that are equipping units with the best technology so that we can establish a connection with your smartphone or smartwatch outside. More models and systems will be present this year.

5) Virtual reality : the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook has been very important in the field of virtual reality, since it has opened new doors for the company. Not only Oculus will be performing at the event. Recall that Samsung and Google have already shown how easy it can be to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality environment.

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