Creating a powerful gaming contest flyer: What you need to know

Do you run a gaming business? Are you looking for ways to grab the attention of more people to your in-house gaming contests using flyers? We take a look at some of the things you need to know.

A flyer is a good choice of offline marketing tool. This is because it is not just cheap, but very effective in terms of grabbing the attention of individuals in a busy market place. However, to reap the benefits of using a flyer, you need to make sure it is designed in the right manner.

Make the title snappy

For full effect on your flyers, you need to make them unusual or provocative. This can be achieved by writing a short phrase infused with powerful catchy words. For example, a flyer with a headline that says “COME AND JOIN IN OUR GAMING CONTEST” will not be as catchy as one that says “BIG MONEY GAMING CONTEST. BE A WORLD BEATER!!” Here is more on creating a great title for your flyers.

Use attractive colours and graphics

The gaming niche is a very colourful scene, so you will be doing your flyer a disservice if you don’t use a good mix of colours. As a tip, a flyer with one focal image will grab more attention than one that looks like a picture collage. Pick one character from the games the contest is based on and make it the focal point of your flyer.

Give reasons why people should take part in the contest

Make sure you highlight the benefits of taking part in the contest. This is where you should mention any benefits, prize money, coupons, future discounts etc. Remember you have competition, so you need to make sure your offer is not just very, but juicy as well.

Give some details about past contests

If this isn’t your first contest, try to present stats of the previous contests in a corner of the flyer. Here, you need to include the number of participants, the prize money etc. to show the viewer what they missed out on the last time. This way, you will have them pumped for your upcoming contest.

Organise the details properly

Steve, from, suggests, “You need to organise your page with boxes, borders and areas of contrasting colours. Don’t fill the flyer with wall-to-wall text and graphics. Add some white space to ensure specific elements stand out. This will also make the flyer easier to read.”

Ensure points are easy to identify and proofread

Titles and Subtitles should be highlighted in bold, but avoid using CAPS all through. Get an editor to proofread the design before it goes to the printer. There is nothing more off-putting for potential customers than bad spelling and punctuation errors. It makes a business look unprofessional! You also need to check to double check to ensure you got details like your office address, web address, phone numbers are correct. A digital proof process will help you pick up these errors, as well as issues with readability and colour contrasts.

With these tips, you should be able to make your gaming contest flyers more powerful than ever.

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