10 Awesome Accessories Every PC Gamer Needs


Whether you’re chasing your rivals around Nurburgring, getting leaderboard-topping killstreaks, or setting speed run records, being properly equipped for the job goes a long way in improving your gaming experience. You probably already have a killer mouse and keyboard combo, a solid rig and an eye-watering monitor, but these are simply the essentials.

Both competitive players and casual gamers alike can enjoy the benefits that come with having a great set of accessories to complement their PC setup. Not only will it improve the look of your battle station, but it will also provide you with a competitive advantage and an overall more enjoyable gaming experience.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of 10 awesome accessories that every PC gamer needs for their setup. So, get your shopping cart ready and call the delivery man, because our lineup of gaming tech is bound to entice even the pickiest of players.

Razer Hydra PC Gaming Controller

Razer is known for their RGB LED-clad mice, class-leading mechanical keyboards and game-ready laptops. The Hydra is a new way to interact with your games, opening up a whole new level of possibilities. The set comes with two motion-sensing controllers that allow you to interact and move in 3D.

It’s compatible with over 125 popular PC games right out of the box and the Portal 2 bundle contains everyone’s favorite Valve game, which happens to be a perfect pairing for the system. Precision tracking and ultra-low latency ensure a smooth experience throughout while the sleek design looks great on any desk.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Speaking of desks, the Arozzi Arena is not your standard wooden plank with legs. Its custom surface covers the entire desktop and mimics the feel and texture of a mousepad, giving you one less thing to tick off your shopping list while offering maximum maneuverability. The all-metal base is ultra-durable and features adjustable height for better comfort.

Steelseries Siberia 800 Headphones

If you’re looking for a solid pair of premium PC gaming headphones with a great level of comfort and durability, the Siberia 800 by SteelSeries is a great choice. Being wireless, they’re a lot more comfortable and versatile while offering a great battery life of around 20 hours.

Excellent acoustics and industry-leading sound isolation ensure that you stay immersed in your environment. Sound quality is second-to-none, with 7.1 surround support. The Siberia 800 also comes with a microphone and memory foam earpads. Check out this list to learn more about what makes the Siberia 800 great and how it matches up to competitors.

DXRacer Gaming Chair

No PC gaming setup is complete without a great looking, comfortable and ergonomic chair. The DXRacer Racing Series has always been regarded as top of its class, with satisfying aesthetics and all the comfort features you could ask for. Their presence in eSports should be all the convincing you need to know they’re worth every penny.

Logitech C920 Webcam

While Logitech doesn’t have the biggest presence in gaming accessories, their consumer-grade products are well made and offer unrivaled value for money. The C920 webcam is no exception, with great 1080p video quality and built-in stereo microphones for crystal clear sound.

It also features automatic noise reduction, low-light correction, and compatibility with every recent version of Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. Whether you’re a full-on Twitch streamer, or you just want to have a chat with family and friends every now and then, the C920 is sure to get the job done.

Razer Wildcat Controller

If you’ve ever played a racing or fighting game on PC, you’ll know the struggle of having to bind every key on your keyboard to make them at least somewhat playable. There’s no denying the benefits of a controller for certain types of games, and what better way to satisfy that need than with one made by Razer.

Aside from its striking design, the Razer Wildcat offers a familiar feel for ex-console players and features four additional full-programmable buttons to customize your experience. Thanks to Razer’s intuitive control panel, you can easily adjust the functionality of the Wildcat and customize audio settings on the go.

EasyGo CompuCleaner

When it comes to PC maintenance, dust is a nightmare. As the name would suggest, EasyGo’s CompuCleaner unit is geared straight towards computers, allowing you to easily get rid of any dirt, dust, hairs and crumbs that are lying around within your tower and keyboard. The liquid-free solution also ensures that you can clean delicate components.

Razer Naga

I know, another Razer product. But we simply couldn’t end the list without including one of their best gaming mice. The Naga features an ergonomic design and a whopping 12 programmable buttons, almost completely negating the need to use your keyboard. To make things even more ridiculous, the scroll wheel features 24 individual positions.

The Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensor can be adjusted to run at up to 5600dpi, allowing you to play through dpi-intensive MMOs with ease. MMO-specific software is also included, giving you a fully customized experience, and with a 1ms response time, you’re guaranteed to top the leaderboards.

Wiha Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set

For fixes, upgrades and customizations, you’re guaranteed to need a PC-oriented set of screwdrivers. The good news is that Wiha is here to save the day, featuring a set with magnetic tips, textured grips and ergonomic spinning ends that allow you to remove screws quickly and easily. With German precision, it’s the last set you’ll ever buy.

Anchor Under Desk Mount

Let’s face it, gaming headphones are pretty damn big and can take up a significant amount of desk space. The solution? Hang them below your desk with an anchored desk mount. Not only does it free up a ton of space on your desk, but it can also hold two pairs of headphones at once in case you happen to have more than one pair.

So, there you have it, at least ten accessories to add to your PC gaming wish list. The only tough part is choosing which one to get first. Regardless of your choice, you’re set to have a much better PC gaming experience. Just don’t forget to take a break once in a while. If not for your own health, but purely to appreciate your killer setup.


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