Try To Promote Your SoundCloud Plays and Become Popular Certainly

SoundCloud Plays

Whether you are a professional DJ, a classically trained person or are just passionate about music, then SoundCloud is the number one social network where you can connect with other music lovers across the world. When you want your music to be heard, developing a SoundCloud account is extremely important. But, when you need to be a next rockstar online, it is highly necessary to promote your SoundCloud tracks. Including your tracks in groups and following those whose music you love as well as leaving proper comments about their tracks can enhance yourself in the SoundCloud community. Sharing your music to any other social network can also extend your reach further. It is worth buying SoundCloud plays that will bring you great number of plays at reasonable prices.

Benefits of buying SoundCloud plays:

It is a well-known fact that SoundCloud is the biggest audio streaming service available online that remains as a significant promotional platform for businesses and people involved in the entertainment and music industry. Consider getting high rank for your genre, by developing an amazing SoundCloud media stream containing big number of plays. A SoundCloud media stream at top rank brings quality traffic to the website and will in turn lead to high revenues. On buying SoundCloud plays to promote your tracks, you can able to build a large audience base without spending much. You can even obtain thousands of plays for your SoundCloud media stream at reduced cost. You can remain sure of getting hundred percentages quality plays for your SoundCloud submissions.

Aware of dos and don’ts of SoundCloud marketing

SoundCloud is the exciting opportunity for the musicians to improve their exposure, get discovered and gain more fans. Having more SoundCloud plays is however not just uploading some tracks and should wait for the magic to happen. You need to work for it and try to devise a proper plan to attain more SoundCloud plays. You must also try to know the Do’s and Don’ts of achieving increased SoundCloud plays. The foremost step in gaining more SoundCloud plays does not have to do anything with music, rather to do with the appearance. Your SoundCloud profile should have a best looking profile which must instantly introduces your brand to the people. Some of the dos include uploading an ideally sized profile picture that is of 300×300 pixels, getting upgrade to an unlimited or a pro plan so you can include a header image and making your URL and username proper. Go to the advanced settings tab and try adding links to twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Tumblr.

Don’ts while getting increased SoundCloud plays

There are too many brands that upload their lazy demos, B-sides, scratch tracks and think they have implemented more to get their plays on SoundCloud. It is absolutely wrong. You should not forget the music while trying to get more SoundCloud plays. Also don’t forget to include a contact and bio details and never overlook on adding relevant genres. At last, you should not neglect linking URLs to your SoundCloud from blogs, website to your artist bio and somewhere else where the link fits.

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