Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

If you are concerned that your home improvements are going to have a damaging effect on the environment, or if you want to ensure that your home is sustainable in the long term, you should look into how to invest in eco-friendly home improvements. This guide will give ways that you can create your dream property without damaging the environment both now and in the future.

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·      Install a Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fire

If you want to achieve the warm glow and cosy effect of an outdoor fire, but are concerned about the potential implications of wood-burning fires on the environment, you should look into investing in bioethanol alternatives. Bio ethanol outdoor fires use clean energy and do not produce soot or smoke, while also maintaining their efficiency and the aesthetic appearance that you look for in outdoor fire pits. Not only this, but outdoor fires can encourage your family to spend more time enjoying what nature has to offer.

·      Invest in a Smart Meter

If you want to have more control over the energy that you are using, you should consider the benefits of installing a smart thermostat into your home. Smart thermostats use the latest technology to allow you to turn your heating on and off from a remote location, and you can also time them to ensure that you will be able to get the energy that you need, without wasting any when you are out of the house.

·      Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a popular option when you are looking to make your house eco-friendly. Solar panels allow you to collect renewable energy from the sun, rather than relying on manufactured electricity. Although you may still have to use a small amount of electricity if you live in an area that gets a low amount of sun a year, solar panels can be a worthy investment that can pay for themselves over time through the reduction of your energy bills.

·      Spruce Up Your Garden

Most people that want to protect the environment do so because they love nature, and what better way to protect the plant species that you love and contribute to creating beautiful outdoor spaces than by sprucing up your garden? By planting varied and bright wildflowers and looking after the wildlife in yourgarden, you will be able to create an eco-friendly home both on the inside and the outside.

·      Invest in Green Flooring

If you are planning to rework your carpets or flooring in the near future, you should think carefully about the materials that you want to replace this with. For instance, eco-friendly homeowners will be aware of the current trend for green flooring options, with choices such as bamboo allowing you to have a beautifully covered floor that also uses renewable resources that do not impact the environment.

·      Use Low VOC Paint

The first home improvement that most homeowners commit to is painting their walls in bright new shades. If you are going to get your paintbrushes out, you should opt to use low VOC paint, as this compound can create pollution in the air. Low VOC paint also has other advantages, such as being quick to dry and being virtually odourless.

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