How to Write the Perfect Job Advert and Get More Applicants

When you are looking to hire someone new, writing the perfect job advert can be a challenge. It’s hard to encapsulate the entire culture of your business in a few paragraphs, and you need to ensure it’s snappy and attention grabbing. Here are some tips for writing a job advert that’ll reel people in and make them want to send over their resume.


Think about your perfect candidate

Your job advert doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, it simply needs to appeal to the sort of person who’d be a good fit for your company. Think about what that person would be like. Are they laidback and creative or super professional and organized? There are different tricks when it comes to writing for millennials and writing for older, experienced workers, so try to strike the right tone.

Use a headline and job title that’s easily searchable

You want your job advert to be as search friendly as possible, so try to use a headline and job title that has keywords people will search for. Some companies use unusual job titles that are quirky and fun, but people aren’t going to be searching for a job title like ‘admin guru’; they’re going to be looking for jobs as an admin assistant. Make sure the people looking for this kind of role can actually find it.

Don’t create a long list of demands

Click on a job description and you’ll often find a huge list of things the employer is looking for. This can be off-putting because:

  • People who are talented but don’t have 100% of the skills may be hesitant to apply, even though they might be great candidates
  • A wall of text can put people off, as they may think you’re too picky or particular
  • You’re focusing too much on what you want from them, not what your company can offer

While you should draw up a job description for any new role, you don’t have to post the whole thing in an advert. Be as succinct as you can and try to focus on the most important skills the employee needs.

Think about the platform you’re using to post

Different recruitment platforms tend to attract different candidates, so again, think about the language you’re using. If you’re posting a job to multiple platforms, take a look at the job adverts on each site and notice which ones have the most applications or views. This will show what grabs people’s attention and what makes people want to click apply.

Offer perks

While you may not be able to disclose the salary on offer, you can mention the other perks of the job. From free lunch Fridays to discount cards and healthcare, extra perks are always appreciated and show that your company has a caring culture. When you are writing a job advert, it’s important that it grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to learn more. The better your advert, the more applications you get, which increases your chances of finding the right person for the job.

Jenny Gunn


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