Top 3 Qualities of a Strong Leader


There is a lot more to being a strong leader than just having a position of authority over others. That just makes you their boss. If you want to improve your own leadership competencies, you need to pinpoint what traits are the most important first.


Staying Positive

Putting a positive face on any situation can be a key way of improving the mood and morale of your team. Smiling and seeing the bright side of a situation will prompt others to do the same and being positive is a sure way to boost productivity. The trick is to keep things in a positive light without actually hiding any bad news. As we mention a little later, your team can’t work well without ongoing and accurate information about the project, and that includes the negative.



Staff, who are always wondering if you are working on a hidden agenda, or not being honest with them are not going to produce their best work for you. Always be a straight-shooter and do your best to keep your approaches above board. Ambition is a great trait but it can lead to taking on sneaky or dishonest methods to get goals accomplished. It may seem like a decent way to motivate your staff, but sooner or later they are going to be jaded when working for something they can’t respect.



One thing you have to remember about communication is that it goes both ways, and a good leader has to handle both sides of that. Firstly, you have to be clear and engaging when you are speaking or otherwise presenting information to your staff. Be open with your information too. Leaving people in the dark as they try to navigate a project won’t lead to a lot of productivity.


And the other side of good communication is all about how to listen. Nobody likes to feel that they have no voice or input, so see what your team thinks about how things are going. Take time regularly to chat with your people and get some feedback. If you can, implement their ideas whenever possible. Leading isn’t just about making people do what you want; it’s about managing a team as a whole.


How to Develop These Qualities

If these traits don’t come naturally, you may have to put a little effort into learning and developing them on your own. You can take a variety of steps to improving yourself. Reading a few good leadership books is an easy first step, as is watching video presentations given by people you admire. Workshops in leadership skills are another way to hone your talents. Just watch out for motivational speakers. A motivational presentation is usually intended to motivate you, not necessarily teach you how to lead or to run a team.


And while we have focused on the top three qualities, there are certainly many other traits that help with powerful leadership. Creativity, delegation, confidence and charisma are just a few other examples of what can make a good leader.


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