Should You Use SEO Principles When Naming Your New Domain?


How much SEO is too much? Or is there even such a thing as too much SEO? This is one of the most pressing and controversial issues that surrounds the entire concept of Search Engine Optimization. It’s one thing to make use of it when writing articles and blog posts. But should these principles extend all the way to the very name of your new domain? This will be a choice that you will need to make when it comes time for you to buy domain name services for your new business website. You will need to consider all of the pros and cons before making your choice and committing yourself either way.

What is the Argument for Loading Your Domain Name for SEO?

There are several arguments that come in favor of front loading your new domain name with SEO content. The main argument is that doing so will give your domain name a much better chance of getting your site fast tracked to the very top of any major search engine result. The theory here is that, when combined with SEO rich content on your site itself, your domain name should also contain a very popular SEO phrase. This will give Google and other major search engines a nudge in the right direction. There is, of course, no conclusive proof that can be given in favor of such a theory.

Are There Any Arguments Against Loading Your Domain Name with SEO?

However, there are many experts in the industry that are prepared to argue against this line of theory. These experts will claim that Google takes active measures to discourage such practices. Many believe that most, if not all, of the major search engines have introduced algorithms that are designed to defeat this technique by relegating offenders to the bottom of the pile. Due to the mysterious ways in which the major search engines regulate their affairs, such accusations can be neither proven or disproven. Some research of the issue in question is strongly advised.

What Can You Do if You Choose to Refrain from Using SEO?

If you choose to refrain from making use of SEO terms in your domain name, this doesn’t mean that you have given up on the principle completely. It just means that you pursue to concentrate your SEO research in your actual content rather than in your domain name itself. You can still make use of SEO principles to guide the direction of the content you upload to your site as well as your various locations on the web. In particular, SEO should continue to be a vital component of your content that you post to all of your locations on social media network pages.

Should You Go All the Way with SEO or Pursue a Middle Path?

With such alternatives in mind, it remains to be seen whether the average business owner should go all in with one theory or the other or pursue a more studied middle course. The lack of conclusive evidence means that each website owner will need to judge for themselves whether front loading their domain name with SEO content is the right move. In any case, SEO should remain an important part of your daily content.

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