Samsung will launch flexible screens in late 2015

New reports suggest that Samsung is making great progress in the field of technology screens, which will help you grow more in the smartphone market, and is more than likely that flexible displays are part of that plan. During the Samsung Investor Forum 2014 held in the city of New York, a company executive has announced that dividing screens South Korean giant, Samsung Display, is launching a new flexible screen (or perhaps several) at the end of next year. Apparently this new screen would aim for smartphones that will be able to be folded in half, like a sheet of paper is involved.

Lee Chang-hoon has indicated that they expect to begin producing between 30,000 and 40,000 flexible displays each month from November or December of next year. If all goes according to plans, Chang-hoon said that in 2016 there will be no company able to match Samsung in producing this kind screens. That’s not all, because the executive has revealed that South Korea will launch a smartphone itself will feature a display of this type. Unfortunately at this time there are no precise details of such a device, so we’ll just have to keep waiting, after all missing about a year to the arrival of this smartphone.

All indications are that Samsung plans to continue investing in the world of flexible displays and expanding in this new sector, since the Galaxy Note Edge was well received in the market. Surely you remember that this smartphone is notable for its screen, which not only covers the front of the device, but also its right side.

The picture of the smartphone we see in 2015 and 2016 seems to be improving.

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