Mobile Game of the Week

Here we are again and a special Christmas edition of mobile gaming. Many little games to go vitiating with zombies, spaceships and animals: Into the Dead, Galaxy on Fire – Alliances , Chain Chronicle and Deer Hunter 2014 Games for everyone.!

mobile game

Chain Chronicle (Free Play) : Gather your troops and prepare to repel the Black Army who wants to destroy the world of Yggdra. As captain of the Volunteer Army, you have to protect the kingdom and recruit enemies amidst battles to join your ranks. As you progress can recruit new allies along the way, each with their own abilities to help you on this epic crusade of good against evil. Chain Chronicle is a game of strategy RPG that is available for both devices phones as PlayStation Vita and is full of stories and battles. Many talented illustrators and voice actors have participated and now has over three. hundred unique characters in this amazing game. Powered by GUMI SG, Chain Chronicle is available on systemsiOS and Android.

Deer Hunter 2014 (Free Play) : Travel from the Pacific Northwest of North America to the wilds of Africa, on an epic adventure to hunt exotic animals in the world. Join other players in cooperative challenges where teamwork is essential for completing objectives and get the rewards. Deer Hunter 2014 offers a wide variety of environments with more than one hundred species of animals, which have to be wary of predators like bears and wolves that roam around. The Holiday edition includes new weapons and challenges accompanied by Christmas decorations. Powered by Glu Mobile, Deer Hunter 2014 is available on systemsiOS and Android.

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances (Free Play) : Unlike Galaxy on Fire , Alliances is a strategy game MMO that is in a new region of space. Travel across Nebula Shroud to build and manage facilities and fleets on the planets from thousands of planetary systems in an environment of RTS. Interactions with other players are using a messaging system through ships’ movements and attacks as they occur between a player and another as well as the formation of alliances that are made ​​when factions Powered by Fishlabs are created, Galaxy on Fire – Alliances is available on systemsiOS and Android.

Into the Dead (Free Play) : In a world overrun by zombies, you are the only surviving but for how long? Into the Dead will launch the macabre world of zombie apocalypse, where there are no second chances. Want to stay alive? Well do not stop and keep moving as fast as possible, and protect yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons that you can find along the way. The action does not stop at any time and you have to be in constant motion dodging or, if we have a weapon, eliminating the zombies to break through in scenarios fraught with obstacles. Powered by PikPok, Into the Dead is available on systemsiOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Peggle Blast (Free Play) : From the makers of Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies comes the new game from PopCap Games, full of character, charm and fun that only they can create. Join the millions of people who love the magic of Peggle testing your skills in this new Peggle Blast. Clear the orange pegs as you earn points and manage to throw in style at each of the levels. Please use Peggle Masters to use their special powers to gain huge amounts of points on the challenges to overcome. Powered by PopCap Games, Peggle Blast is available on systemsiOS and Android.

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