Latest Smartphones to look forward to in 2015

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Smartphone evolution is on the move, as new technologies, new designs and features are being introduced with the launch of every new model. Considering the next generation of smartphones, 2015 is expected to be one of the busiest years in terms of launch of new ones. Before moving on to the anticipated smartphones of 2015, let us take a look at the ones that rocked 2014. On the top of the list was iPhone 6, followed by iPhone 6 Plus, as Apple iOS rocked the scene. Other cellphones that were loved include Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Google Nexus 6. HTC and LG released their new models as well, which earned positive reviews. In case you are looking to buy one, these old and new cellphones’ variety is available at Kaymu, bdhaat.

Now moving on to the upcoming 2015 smartphones, following are the top most anticipated ones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6:


This time in a complete metal body, Samsung promises a model that was never seen before. The company’s S5 was quite overshadowed when it was launched, however they want to make up to it with the new model that promises to be better and
“prettier”. The phone is going to be Gorilla Glass 4 and metal from the front and back, with QUAD HD, 5.1-inch super AMOLED screen. Needless to say, S6 will be supporting Android Lollipop and will come with 16-megapixel camera.

  • The New iPhone

image005Joining the league of the most anticipated smartphones this year is iPhone 7, or maybe 6s. Name hasn’t been announced yet, however it has been made public that this new model will be released in September 2015. New iPhone will run on iOS 9 with several new specs and a faster processor. Several rumors are hitting the media regarding Apple’s next big launch, however nothing is official just yet.

  • LG’s G4 and G Flex 2

image007There has been much ado about LG’s upcoming G4 smartphone, however it is not the only bomb they are exploding this year. G Flex 2 is much anticipated as well. Flex 2 comes with a curved, 5.5-inch screen. It has 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon chip along with a unique “self healing” technology. G4, as rumors are, comes with a 5.5-inch screen and around 2k-resolution. This smartphone will have a slight curve and will have some changes in the interface. It is expected to be released in either late May or perhaps early June, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  • HTC One M9

image009Yet another highly anticipated smartphone, HTC M9 is also going to hit the market this year. According to what the company has been publicizing, it doesn’t come with the quad-HD screen that other brands have been bragging about, instead it comes with full-HD screen. This model will also be released in gold edition.

  • Sony Xperia Z4

image011Among all the upcoming smartphones, the one that we know the least about yet is Sony Xperia Z4. The phone will continue to be water as well as dust resistant and will probably come with Snapdragon 810 chip and a quad-HD screen. It is also expected to come with 4GB RAM.


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