Hunger: Reasons and ways to fight hunger

Hunger; what are the reasons? The reasons for the constant feeling of hunger. An overview of proven ways to control appetite.

The feeling of hunger is a well-known condition that depends on hormonal parameters. The hormone ghrelin is produced in the digestive tract, and an increase in its concentration is directly proportional to the rise in appetite. Leptins reduce appetite as they are made by fat cells. To deal with hunger, you need to pay attention to these cues.

Causes of hunger

The most common reason that causes constant hunger is the dependence on simple carbohydrates – rice, pasta, and white bread. Most people assume that carbohydrates provide long-lasting satiety. However, this applies more to complex carbohydrates (for example, whole grain spaghetti or brown rice). Only excess sugar from refined, simple carbohydrates remains, which harms the body and increases insulin. Satiety does not come, and you feel hungry after a short time. You may not feel hungry if you busy with playing online game like australian casino real money.

The main reasons for a constant feeling of hunger:

·    Lack of protein in the diet … It is a building material for cells and transporter of vitamins and minerals. Protein takes a long time to digest, and it is such a food that can provide fullness for a long time.

·    Avoiding or not eating enough fat, which is necessary for prolonged-term satiety… Dieters eliminate fat from their diet, mistakenly believing it to cause being overweight. However, these are complex nutrients involved in most biochemical reactions, including the formation of sex hormones.

·    Insufficient fiber, food fiber for the normal functioning of the intestinal bacteria, digestion of food … Most soluble and insoluble fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, berries, and salad. These products should occupy at least half of the plate daily.

·    Excessive consumption of seasonal fruits, berries, and dried fruits, where there is a high concentration of fructose … People use these foods most often as snacks. However, fructose also comprises simple carbohydrates that cause a significant increase in insulin and hunger after a meal after a short time.

·    Too fast food intake … The digestion process starts even when you start looking at your food. The meal should take place calmly and at a measured pace. Each food must be chewed thoroughly and taken as a meal for at least 15 minutes.

·    Drinking too much alcohol stimulates the appetite … Before the festival, it is recommended to eat fatty food and take active carbon and Bernice acid to prevent the consequences of overeating and intoxication.

·    Not having enough calories due to too many “empty calories” in the form of simple carbohydrates … To ensure fullness, one must balance the diet with fats, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber.

·    Lack of sleep … also often leads to hormonal imbalances that cause constant hunger. At the same time, one tries to compensate for fatigue and regular insomnia with food. Enjoy your off time in casino en ligne francais and take a better sleep.

The feeling of hunger is influenced by natural biological causes: the approach of menstruation and the period of pregnancy.

Psychological and spiritual causes of constant hunger can also cause a lack of satiety. It includes susceptibility to depression, excessive mental and physical stress, hormonal imbalance, fasting, strict diet, and anxiety. Inadequate fluid intake is also partly attributed to psychological problems, as the brain’s thirst and hunger centers have a clear connection.

How to get rid of hunger?

With constant hunger, reviewing your diet and eating habits is essential, introducing sufficient amounts of proteins, healthy fats, and clean drinking water. It is necessary to go to bed at the right time to rest and restore the body’s defenses and start metabolic processes. Moderate exercise reduces hunger and speeds up metabolism. If it is challenging to create a balanced diet, they seek advice from a nutritionist. It is necessary to avoid strict diets and carefully monitor that all the required nutrients are obtained through food: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and fiber.

A complete meal to fight hunger.

The main reason for feeling hungry after eating is an unbalanced diet. Nutritionists recommend eating 2-3 times daily, avoiding snacks and bites. It would help if you did not try to replace a full meal with chocolate, cookies, and buns. It is recommended to consume berries or fruit 15-20 minutes before the main meal to prevent increased gas formation.

To prevent a strong feeling of hunger, the diet is designed to have sufficient proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, and seasonal berries.

Nutritionists explain how to get rid of hunger and give basic recommendations for good nutrition:

·    Protein is the basis of the diet, found in legumes, meat, poultry, chicken eggs, and Greek yogurt. It is recommended to soak legumes for 3-5 hours, preferably overnight, in water with the addition of a teaspoon of soda. It neutralizes fatty acids and maximizes protein absorption.

·    Trans fats, margarine, bought mayonnaise, and fried food are excluded from the diet. Contains healthy fats: avocado, redfish, virgin oils, and ghee.

·    It is necessary to consume 1 tablespoon of flax seeds along with sunflower oil, sesame, and pumpkin seeds to get a prolonged feeling of satiety and the consumption of healthy fats, vitamins, and trace elements.

·    Nutritionists explain how to suppress hunger: lentils, a superfood rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates, must be added to the diet. This combination provides enough energy plus fiber to maintain optimal plasma glucose levels.

·    It is recommended to replace the purchased chips or crackers with fresh vegetables – cabbage, carrots, cut into strips. You can consume vegetables in pure form or with healthy sauces – hummus and guacamole.

·    Famous doctors recommend eating half of your daily diet in the morning, 30% during the day, and 20% at dinner. That is, breakfast should be the richest and contain protein and healthy fats. In the evening, you can leave fiber and vegetables.

Attention! Consuming carbohydrates with fat, such as bread or pasta with butter, is strongly encouraged.

If you cannot eat on time, you should follow the rule: eat no later than 2 hours before bed. The widespread belief that it is worth avoiding food after 6:00 pm has not been justified for long. New guidelines say you can eat dinner until 9 pm. If the feeling of hunger does not go away, you can eat vegetable milk before going to bed, with good tolerance – products based on goat’s milk. Sweets and simple and complex carbohydrates are not allowed. Poor sleep and late meals are the main enemies of slimness and beautiful, radiant skin.

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