Grow Your Real Estate Business Through Relationships Not Sales Leads

Relationships are vital in any sales business. Therefore, in addition to creating new postcard ideas for real estate sales, focus on building your current and new relationships. Gain leads through your family and friends, networking events, professional services and former clients. Treat everyone you meet as if they were a friend.

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Family and Friends

Family and friends are great resources for leads. Their networks differ, sometimes significantly, from yours, and they may know of people looking for your services.

Networking Events

Consider attending networking events. However, don’t limit yourself to your industry. Choose events you are interested in, and focus on having fun and making friends, not prospecting, because people will know your intent.

Professional Services

Our lives are filled with personal and professional relationships. You may use a local CPA for your tax preparation, contact local brokers who help your clients with financing and insurance personnel for your personal and business needs. Make the effort to build friendly relationships with each of these people as well as those in their offices by going into the office and chatting with them. You never know who will need your services, and seeing your face may remind them that you can help them.

Build relationships with individuals in industries that feed yours, such as relocation specialists and divorce attorneys. Also, contact local companies and offering your relocation and market expertise to current and future employees. You may be able to help someone during a difficult transition.

Former Clients

Satisfied former clients want to share your information with their network. Therefore, maintain contact during and after your transactions are completed. Maintain contact with your clients and give them gifts during important events, such as birthdays and when sales are finalized.

Relationships build trust and require conversation. When you listen to others and build relationships, they remember you and are more willing to contract your services and refer others to you. Consider gaining referrals from your family and friends, but also build personal and professional relationships through networking events, professional services you purchase and former clients.

Kathy Ryan

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