Fun Things for the Whole Family to Do in Amsterdam


When looking for a fun place for the whole family, Amsterdam is a spot that should rank high on most families’ lists. This is the most populous city in and the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Located in the province of North Holland, which is on the western side of the country, Amsterdam is filled with fun activities for kids and adults, but many tourists are unaware of this aspect of the city. This is why many FAQ on hotels in Amsterdam include lists of family-friendly activities.


Kinderkookkafe, which translates to Children’s Cook Cafe, is a free, unique activity that families with kids can enjoy. Children can dress up in chef’s hats and aprons while they work with staff to create all sorts of treats such as cookies, sandwiches, pizzas and chocolate croissants. Since this activity takes place indoors, it’s perfect for rainy days. The cafe is located near Vondelpark, which is a popular hot spot for tourists. There are a number of hotels located near the cafe that are within walking distance.

Hollandsche Manege

Another free activity is visiting Hollandsche Manege, which translates to Dutch Riding School. Here visitors are allowed to watch as people are trained to ride horses. While it costs money to attend the school, it doesn’t cost anything to watch the horses and pick up some free riding tips. While this isn’t an activity that a family can spend all day doing, it’s a good way to kill a little time while waiting for another planned activity.

Canal Cruise

Taking a ride down the winding waterways of Amsterdam is another fun activity for families to do together. While riding down the waterways, riders get to see firsthand all of the old bridges and oddly shaped buildings in the city. Waterway cruises even go out to the modern harbors. Seeing all of the boats coming and going is sure to offer some entertainment for people of all ages.

Families who travel to Amsterdam during warm weather can try an open-top cruise as well. An example of an operator that offers such cruises is St. Nicolaas Boat Club. Families may be enticed to try the Canal Company, which offers a famous Pizza Cruise that is popular among kids and adults. Sometimes advanced booking is needed to get a ride on this popular cruise.

Museum of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very historic city, so it has several museums for families to visit. Kids enjoy visiting the Rijksmuseum, where they can see masterpieces of model ships, doll houses and more. For art lovers, the Van Gogh Museum offers audio tours and weekend workshops. There are many programs for kids to enjoy at this museum as well, including a treasure hunt and coloring pages that give them insight into what it’s like to be a Dutch painter.

Families who are into technology and science won’t want to miss NEMO. This museum is targeted to people between the ages of 6 and 16. It’s full of interactive displays that encourage guests to use all of their senses. In this museum, they want people to touch everything, which is something that kids don’t get to do in other museums.

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