Creating Effective Digital Content

The internet has wrought some radical changes to the way adverts are delivered. It allows the targeting of consumers in a precise way but it also offers a useful way of supplementing more traditional advertising.

In the second half of 2014 digital advertising spend in the UK was estimated to be worth almost £3.5 billion. There’s little doubt then that digital marketing is here to stay, but what do you need to do to ensure you get the most from your spend?

Effective Digital Content

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Embrace new technologies

The key thing about the digital world is that it isn’t static, it changes all the time and if your web content is to be effective it needs to keep up with those changes. The most noticeable shift in the last decade has been towards mobile use. In 2011 around half of Internet use was from mobile devices and that figure is likely to be much higher now.

Mobile is a very personal technology that we use to keep in touch and organise our lives. Thanks to geo location it also knows where we are and a good deal about our habits, making it a source of invaluable information for marketers. Companies like Big Media House offering web design in Milton Keynes will be able to offer help in ensuring your web offerings are optimised for mobile devices.

Understand the audience

US department store entrepreneur John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” In the Internet age it’s much easier to understand where your spend is going and therefore how effective it is.

The key to this is to build customer profiles which allow you to understand your audience. If you know who you’re selling to you’re much more likely to be able to come up with an effective message that speaks to their needs.

Of course the Internet also provides unrivalled measurement tools. Place an ad in a newspaper or on the radio and you can only guess at how many people have seen or heard it. Online ads on the other hand can allow you to accurately measure how often they’ve been viewed and clicked. This can be extended into the offline world by adding QR codes to print adverts, allowing you to know how many people have responded to your message.

Think social

The other big change in recent years is social media. This provides another way of getting close to your audience, but it’s important to treat it as a two-way process. Just sending out messages via social media isn’t all that effective. You need to interact with people, answer questions, resolve queries, create offers and generally make it worthwhile for them to follow you or be a fan of your page. Offering useful content such as articles related to your business can help too, the thing about social media is it isn’t a hard sell but it helps keep your brand in front of your customers.

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