Apply These eCommerce Website Features To Boost Sales

The age of Internet businesses is going strong and will only continue to grow as technology makes its way into more hands. As more people jump online, more eCommerce businesses will compete for the same customers as existing companies. More companies that join the space, the more noise and competition your eCommerce business will have to breakthrough. To stand out, stay relevant, and bring in new customers, you must employ the latest and most significant industry tactics and strategies.

There is no single way to push forward and keep success as an online business, so you must use a mixture of methods to boost sales and stay afloat. As an online business, the best place for you to boost sales is on your website. There are some features customers now expect as standard, and you will lose sales if your website is not up to expectations. Below are just a few of the features you should include on your eCommerce website to boost sales and improve your business. 

ecommerce website

Get Your Website Up To Date

One of the first things to improve on your website is the overall design and age. Customers have too many options to fight through an out-dated website with less than intuitive navigation and branding. Your website should clearly show customers what business you are, your well, and your brand’s general impression. It is also a good idea to add contact information at every page’s footer so customers can always reach out if they have questions rather than giving up and going somewhere else.

Other features customers commonly expect on every online store include the wish list and shopping cart. Let customers save lists of items they might buy later as you typically need to make an account to do so, which gives your business free customer data while making the customer happier. Look at other brand’s websites to find the latest best practices and see what works in 2021 rather than websites from 10 years ago. Copy what works and make it fit your brand, so your website feels like an extension of your brand rather than just a shopping platform. 

Bring People To Your Website

You can upgrade your website all you want, but it is somewhat pointless if no one comes to see your new site. Marketing pulls customers to your website, but marketing is a general term for a very complicated system where every business is fighting for customers. If you put significant effort into redoing your business aspect, like your website and storefront, use marketing avenues to get the word out. Direct response marketing is a marketing tactic that yields the fastest results, so use this method to get customers to see your revamped site, new sale, or anything else you want customers to take action immediately. 

Make Checkout The Best It Can Be

Checkout is the stage when most customers walk away for a collection of reasons. Whether a customer wanted more or cheaper shipping options, more accepted payment methods, or something else can cost you a sale. You can never please everyone, but adding choices for shipping and payment methods gives customers some agency that can win you more sales. You can even go a step further to incorporate cryptocurrency payment methods as more everyday people are interested in new financial systems. One of the simplest things to add is a no-contact delivery option given the past year and issues we are all still dealing with daily. 

Adding these features is not as hard as it may seem since most new payment methods only require a plug-in or API to add to any site. Adding more shipping options will require working with carriers and other companies to secure deals, but your customers will appreciate the effort to make their shopping experience better. 

Every eCommerce business strives to gain more customers and make it through the noise ceiling to remind a relevant company that turns a profit. The first step is to get your website up to date and solidify your branding so customers can easily navigate your site and know exactly who they are buying from. Once your website is ready for fresh eyes, get the word out with direct response marketing to reach customers quickly. Once customers are shopping on your site, you can bring in more sales by making the checkout process even better. Consider how you can make your eCommerce site better for customers by offering more options and considering the everyday person rather than the CEO watching the bottom line. 

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