7 Design Tips for Building the Best Roller Banner


Roller banners are your marketing friend – simple to use, easy to transport, eye-catching and current. When you design roller banners you benefit from a tried-and-tested marketing method that attracts attention to your business or product. But a roller banner is only a success when it is effectively designed. Poor design and layout means you miss the opportunity to make a positive statement with your banner. Before you start designing the banner, make a note of what you want to say and your key message. Above all, a roller banner needs to be clear and uncluttered so you will have to limit what you say. Here are some other tips to help you create a banner that makes a great impression.

  1. Don’t Give Too Much Information

Keep your banner well-designed with short, simple messages and powerful images. The audience will not stand in front of a banner to read a long piece of text. Make sure that you only include the key message – you can give people more information on a leaflet, or in a brochure connected to the banner.

  1. Create a Catchy Catchphrase

Given that you do not want to use a lot of text on the Roller Banner and that people only spend a few seconds looking at the banner, use a short catchphrase that draws people in. The phrase should be impactful and tell people exactly what you are offering.

  1. Don’t Crowd the Lower Section

People don’t tend to look right at the bottom of a banner so don’t put much text there or important information. It is a good place for basic contact information. Make sure that anything important is at eye level.

  1. Use High Quality Images

The images on a roller banner are highly important so use high quality, professional images that look great – if you do not already have good quality images consider using a photographer to take some, or pay for high quality stock images connected to your message.

  1. Make Good Use of Colour

Tie the colours you use with the colours in your brand logo or your corporate colours. This creates a good impression and also helps to keep the banner looking classy rather than tacky. Colour is great on a banner but you should use it wisely to create the best impression.

  1. Think About Display Position

If you are planning on putting the banner behind a table then you certainly don’t want to put any detail on the lower half of the banner. If you are displaying the banner from a distance make every piece of text bold and large. Considering the location where you will display the banner is highly important.

  1. Consider the Entire Display

Usually a banner will not be the only form of marketing you use for a particular promotion or event. Consider how the banner will fit in with your display stand, or the colours you use on a product display. Make sure that everything is coordinated and works well together.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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