5 High-Tech Products For Your Cat


If you love your cat as much as you love technology, you need to take a look at these top five gadgets that will transform the way you look after your feline forever.

Robotic feeding machines

Forget ceramic dishes and plastic pet bowls and invest in a robotic feeding machine that will dispense a set amount of food at a certain time. There are many types of these hi-tech feeding machines available, but if you have cash to splash, the Petwant F3 Wi-Fi feeder is the ultimate contemporary accessory for your cat. This product is at the cutting edge of home technology and allows you to feed your cat remotely via an app. The feeder also emits a sound to alert your cat that it is feeding time. The purr-fect product for the modern home.

Pet fountains

Cats prefer to drink running water, which is why you will often see them attempting to drink from a dripping tap. It is imperative that cats have access to fresh water as they can become dehydrated quite easily. The Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain is one of the more affordable models at around $44, and uses a quiet pump to oxygenate and circulate the water. It’s sleek, modern design would be attractive to those that enjoy minimalist features in their homes

Self-cleaning litter trays

This product is a cat owners dream. Although these can be expensive, they help to eliminate the nasty odours usually associated with litter trays. There are several different models out there but the CatGenie, self-washing, self-cleaning cat box as featured on reviewing website Indreviews is the one to aim for. Setting your back around $276 you would need to be pretty invested in your cat and truly hate cleaning out their litter tray to purchase this.

Laser toys

Cats love to play, but even the most attentive owners may not always have the time to entertain them. The ideal solution is the Petsafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy. The Bolt can be placed anywhere in a room and when switched on will generate patterns that your cat can chase. There is also a manual mode so you can get involved with playtime whenever you want. Compared to other kitty gadgets, this product is relatively cheap and is available for less than $20.

Pet cameras

When you are away from home for long stretches of time, it is impossible not to wonder what your cat is getting up to and if they are O.K. The Petchatz HD Pet camera can ease your worries by allowing you to see and talk to your cat while you are away. This handy two-way communication tool even has an aromatherapy scent feature to soothe your pet should they be missing you too much. Be careful what you put in it though, as some aromatherapy scents are harmful to animals.

These products will not only be loved by your pampered pet, but you are certain to enjoy having the latest in pet technology in your thoroughly modern home.

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