10 Low Cost Business Ideas For 2018


Have you decided that 2018 is going to be your year? If you have its time you took the bull by the horns and picked a business idea that will support your budget.

Of course, the real reason why you’ve not started a business before is the cost involved in starting up your own firm. Fortunately the following ideas can all be implemented on a very small budget.

You will also need to consider where to incorporate your new business. In fact, there are several reasons, such as the cost of starting-up which can be answered when you ask why incorporate in Delaware?

  1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning might not seem glamorous but there are always people and businesses which need cleaners. The great thing is you need very few materials to get started and can do another job while you get established.

  1. Gardening

Much like cleaning there is always a need for a gardener who is prepared to work hard and produce good results.

You can quickly build a client list of 10 -20 people which will be enough to keep you busy every day.

From there the sky, or the lawn is the limit, it’s just a question of how big you want the business to grow.

  1. Shopping Assistant

There are many older people who find it difficult to get to the shops and will happily pay you a small fee to collect the essential items for them. Every trip can be worthwhile if you collect several lists together.

  1. Baby sitting

The only cost in babysitting is advertizing your services and, if necessary, getting a certificate to prove you’re not a danger to children.

You can then work round other jobs to create a part time income or build a successful business and employ your on baby sitters.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This can be difficult to get started in but the rewards can be significant and earn money without needing to do any further work. You will need to create your own website or sites and link to products. As people purchase items you’ll get commission.

  1. Etsy or Ebay Shop

This is a great way to start a business as it costs virtually nothing. All you need to do to start is create an account, use their free tools to create your shop and then sell items you no longer need or have already made.

You can build from these humble beginnings as many others have done.

  1. Virtual Assistant

This has become a popular option for anyone wishing to work from home. All you need is a computer and an account with a freelance firm or find your own work through sites like LinkedIn.

You can even hire your own virtual assistant and start hiring them out.

  1. Blogger

Blogging has been recognized as an official job. It involves posting your everyday experiences. If you get a good following then companies will buy advertising space from you or ask you to promote their products on exchange for a set fee.

Not everyone can write well so bloggers will often subcontract their writing to an individual that can write, such as you.

  1. App developer

If you know your way round computer code you shouldn’t have an issue building apps. You can then either market these yourself to build your low cost business or you can create apps for others, for a fee. In both cases you simply need your computer and some time!

  1. Create Videos

Video has become the preferred medium for many people. It is easier and generally funnier to watch a video than it is to look at an article. Add to this the fact that you retain up to 3 times more information from a video than you do if you read something and you’ll see why videos have a lot of power.

You can create videos to build a following and earn money through advertising or you can create videos for others, for a small fee.

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