We Need More Community Leaders

Take a look at some of the most recent news here on The Global Dispatch and you will notice one particular thing: some of the best changes happening across the country are driven by communities and schools. Community leaders and school counselors are playing a more important role than ever. In preventing racial problems, for example, school counselors are on the leading edge of change. According to studies by Wake Forest University, we need more great community leaders and effective school counselors than ever.

There are a number of qualities every community leader must have. Self-awareness is a good one to begin with. By having the ability to assess one’s strengths and weaknesses, a community leader can make the necessary improvements and be more effective at leading other community members. Other traits such as empathy and forward thinking are just as important.

You too can be the driving force of change in your community. Find out more about the 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders from the complete infographic by Wake Forest University.

Wake Forest Online Counseling Program

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