Tips for Choosing a Staffing Agency

Are you considering working with a staffing agency to increase your hiring efficiency? Don’t just search for a local agency, such as “staffing companies in Boston MA.” Instead, conduct some research and choose the best agency for your company and needs.

Staffing Agency

Define Your Needs

Your first step should always be defining your needs. Not only should you identify the number and types of employees you need now and in the near future, but you should also identify what you expect from your staffing company. For example, do you want regular updates? Should they help you determine your staffing needs? Also, identify your agency budget and the salaries you are willing to pay new employees. The terms of employment should also be clearly defined.

Investigate Agencies

Search for a recruiting agency that has been in business for a long period of time. Also, learn about their policies. For example, do you have to pay the agency if you haven’t hired any of their candidates? Discuss their experience. Although experience in a variety of industries can be a great asset, they should also have in-depth experience in your industry specifically. Are they willing to come into your company and learn about your corporate culture, products and services, and your specific needs for each position? Discuss any specializations your agency has and your company needs.

Internal Employees

The best metric for successful staffing companies is the contentment of their internal employees. Therefore, observe these professionals. Are they productive? What is the company’s turnover rate? Discuss the corporate culture with the employees and management.

internal employee

Recruitment Process

You are working with an agency to get the very best candidates for your open jobs. Therefore, you should understand the staffing agency’s recruitment process. For example, where do these companies advertise? How do they vet their prospects? Do they conduct testing, background checks and reference checks? Also, find out if their databases are full of those who are actively searching for employment or are just passive prospective candidates. You want candidates who want to work and are actively searching for new opportunities rather than those who just put their names out there to see what’s available and if it is better than their current job.


Although cost should not be your deciding factor, you should understand your staffing agency’s fee structure. For example, most agencies charge 15-30% of the candidate’s annual salary. However, some agencies will negotiate their fees. Also, different employee types may have different fee structures. For instance, temp-to-hire positions may have higher fees because the recruiting agency must pay the workers’ compensation and employer taxes while the employee is a temporary.

Working with a staffing agency can reduce your costs and hiring times, but do your research so you hire the best agency for your company.

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