Here’s how to cut your electricity bill by up to 50%


You are stuck with consuming energy when you can actually generate energy. Solar power is a renewable form of energy that will not only benefit you, but also the environment and therefore the many generations to come. As a generation, you don’t have to wait for your non-renewable sources such as coal and oil to run out. With the sun, you can produce a clean, cost effective and easy to install source of energy. Here is a list of just but a few reasons why you need to switch to solar energy.

  • Solar energy will save you money

Solar energy can help you save up to 50% on your average monthly electricity bill or even eliminate it, if you choose to install a bigger size solar system. On average, households use up to 920kWh of energy. An average installation of solar energy can account for 840 kWh per month. Now that is impressive.

  • A smart investment that increases the value of your home

Studies have shown that adding a solar system to your home can increase its resale value by up to $5.50/watt. In some locations, this increment can go as high as $6.50/watt. These are studies performed by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. According to the studies, a 3.1kW solar system can add up to $17,000 to the value of your home. Homes with solar systems installed have also been shown to sell 15% faster than those without the systems installed.

  • No power interruptions

Commercial solar panels are more reliable for industrial use because with solar energy, there is no unexpected power interruptions unlike it is the case with electric power sources. This means you can run your industry continuously without worrying of power cuts.

  • Easy to install

Solar energy systems are not costly to install. Moreover, they do not require heavy machinery or high end expertise. You can therefore easily install solar power energy in your home or firm without much hustle.

  • Protect mother earth by decreasing your carbon footprint

More people are getting environmental conscious because the evidence of global warming is more pronounced today, thanks to eroded shorelines, molten glaciers and endangered animal species. This is as a result of the over 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide averagely generated yearly by households through electric use. This is wreaking havoc on earth, hence the need to explore alternative sources of energy. Solar can also save 16,000 gallons of water per year. You know how important water is to life.

  • No worry when moving to Remote Locations

There are many areas in the world with no access to electric power cables. In such areas, installing power lines is costly and difficult at times. As long as these areas receive sunlight, solar energy has no restrictions. This will make it easier and more enticing for you to relocate to rural areas hence encouraging equal distribution of developmental projects.

About the author

Mike Robert is passionate about environmental conservation and writes for commercial solar panels on a wide range of topics including the use of clean energy.

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