Does Your TV Streaming Have You Screaming? I Know How to Get Excellent TV Streaming Services Online


I feel your pain!

When you turn to the internet to stream videos or even entire TV shows, you expect to get the best service possible. You get to watch the entire show without those annoying advertisements, you can watch as many episodes as there are and you can watch the show from literally anywhere you are.

So it can be pretty frustrating when you have to deal with things like slow speeds, low quality pictures and sometimes scams involving subscription fees and security breaches. I feel your pain and so I wrote these tips out for you so you get nothing but the best online TV streaming services.

What are other people saying?

Once you make a list of possible websites from which you want to stream your TV show, read the reviews on each of them. This will give you a heads up on whether you are sure to get great services or not. It will also help you know whether you are dealing with legitimate websites or scammers.

You may also want to see if your service provider has any new deals like WOW cable packages or something that can make your viewing better, and what reviews that has received.

Are they always available?

Chances are you are going to choose an online streaming site that requires some small fee for their services. This is usually a kind of guarantee that you will be getting value for your money as far as picture quality and security of your personal information.

Now, since you are paying for this, the website needs to guarantee constant availability, or at least, as much as possible. While 100% availability is not possible even for the best website, they cannot be constantly down regardless of the reason. Otherwise, what would you be paying for?

How fast are you?

Most online streaming services have a standard internet speed within which they operate. This enables them to provide you with the best streaming experience. So make sure to check what their speed requirements are and check if your internet speed matches theirs. If they don’t match, you can talk to your internet service provider to make adjustments for you.

Have you checked your hardware acceleration?

Sometimes you get these green artifacts across your screen that puts a damper on the streaming experience. This is usually caused by two things:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Hardware acceleration

Most people aren’t aware of the effect of hardware acceleration, but it’s an easy fix. Just go to the settings on your web player and uncheck ‘enable hardware acceleration’. Problem solved! Unstable internet connection is something you will have to take up with your service provider.

What about your streaming resolution?

When you see the picture ‘jump’, ‘stutter’ or have ‘hiccups’, it may be a problem with your streaming resolution. Most people think that selecting a lower resolution is always the solution, but sometimes going higher is better. So just adjust the streaming resolution on your web player until you get a smooth stream.


Grace Gander is a complete, total and unashamed techie. She is one of the people behind the WOW cable packages and is passionate about great technology providing great service.

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