Details about Less Practitioner Course


In all software companies, the projects will be developed and delivered to their clients. During the project development, they will undergo the agile process without fail. The agile process is very important part in the projects. The project members will get many interruptions during the agile process. In order to complete the project without any errors on the agile process, the candidate definitely needs some support. For that, they can make use of the Less Practitioner course.

What the course is about?

The Less practitioner training course is one of the courses which is used to solve the problems arrived in the agile process. This course will be introducing easier and simple methods using Less Framework. There are many easy techniques are available in this course. It will make the candidates implement on the agile process. It will be very easy to know get the decisions for the problems arrived in the agile process. Thus the process will be completed soon. Therefore, the candidates can learn the course with no difficulties.

This training course will be conducted for two days only. On the very first day, classes focus on the overview of the course. Then, they will get to know about the definition, rules, principles and fundamentals of the Less Framework. The second day will get focuses on managing the product development with an extended definition of done, multi team coordination, organizational deigns aspects and techniques to effectively adopt Less.

Who can do this course?

Before getting inside to the course, we should know about the persons who can learn this course. They are mentioned below.

  • Software developers.
  • Project head.
  • Person who knows Basic Scrum.
  • Anyone interested in this course.

The benefits of this course

After completing the less practitioner course Vienna, the candidates may expect the following benefits from the training course.

  • Basic Scrum knowledge will be understood.
  • Learn to apply the Less Framework for scaling scrum.
  • Know how to apply less principles on the agile process.
  • Trained to define the products and roles.
  • Tools and techniques used in the less framework will be known.
  • Case studies will support your learning.
  • You can handle multi team coordination and aspects of organizational design.
  • Industrial experience will be practiced.
  • Decisions can be made properly.


The candidates who do not have any knowledge about the agile process will be taught well in this course. And various problems and solutions which are faced in the agile process will be discussed in the training courses. The basic scrum language will be helpful to know how to implement that on the Less Framework.

This course will be very helpful to resolve the problems from the agile process. So, the candidates can step forward to learn this course. All they want to do is that, they have to search for the better institute which suits to their budget. At the end, the course will have an examination. The candidates will receive the course completion certificate from the institution.

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