5 High Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online Degree

People with online degrees are now earning more than $100,000 a year. This is according to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The board now ranks such people alongside those in high-paying occupations such as law and medicine.

But, unlike lawyers and doctors, online students do not need rigorous in-person training. All they need is a laptop, an internet connection, and the will to learn. Here are six high-paying occupations that a person can study online.

1. Academic Dean

Deans are college or university administrators responsible for running the whole, or parts of, these institutions. To become a dean, one must have a masters or doctorate of higher education degree. You can get an online doctor of education from a reputable institution such as Maryville University.

The BLS has projected a 14% rise in employment of deans this year. It cites an increase in the number of colleges and college students as the reason for this rise. Deans earn an average salary of just under $90,000 a year. The top 10% earn up to $120,000.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

A Computer and Information Systems Manager direct a company’s computer-related activities. This includes analyzing computer systems for improvements, installation of software, and ensuring data security. They also supervise other IT professionals.

One must have a degree in Information Science to quality for this job. The BLS expects a 15% growth in employment of CIS managers over the next 10 years. Their average pay is $131,600 a year.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are employed by marketing agencies to advertise, promote or market products on behalf of clients. They generate interest in a product by creating advertising and promotional campaigns. A degree in advertising, marketing or journalism is necessary for someone to work in this field.

The employment of marketing managers is projected to grow by 9% in within a decade. The BLS has pegged their average pay at $124,850 per year.

4. Air Traffic Controller

The line of work involves directing air traffic to ensure that aircraft remain at a safe distance from each other. Duties of an air traffic controller include authorizing and controlling take-offs and landings, alerting emergency services in case of an emergency, and providing critical information to pilots.

Controllers earn their degrees from Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative schools. The rest of their training is done on the job. Their average pay is $122,950 per year. Employment in this sector is predicted to decline by 9% in the next 10 years. The BLC cites technological advances, which allow one controller to handle more traffic as the reason for the decline.

5. Financial Manager

People in this career manage the finances of large corporations. They analyze financial data and advise company management on how to maximize profits. The preparation of financial reports and supervision of employees in financial departments is also their responsibility.

To become a financial manager, one must have a master’s degree in finance, business or economics. The annual pay is $117,990 on average. Employment in this sector is predicted to grow by 7% in a decade.

It is now possible for someone who studies online to earn a salary approaching that of a doctor and lawyer. This has changed people’s perception of online learning. Before the survey by the BLS, many people looked down on online degrees or an online EDD program and considered them inferior. Now, these very same people are rushing to enroll for an online course.

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