Ways Bog Mats Help Protect the Environment


Environment conservation is one of the great challenges of our time. Corporations and their contractors are constantly striving to search for natural resources that are essential for the masses. At the same time, they are under the obligation to ensure that surrounding environment doesn’t sustain irreparable damages while performing the extraction.

Tasks such as mining and rigging oilfields require companies to transport heavy machineries to the right spot through marshlands, wet grounds or vast green fields. With the right plans and precautions, such activities would destroy the ground quality and spoil ecological balance in the surrounding area. Using bog mats ensure that temporary access is created through such regions without damaging the local ecology. Here’s how bog mats contribute in protecting the environment.

Protection Against Soil Erosion

The job site might be few miles away from the main road and requires driving heavy vehicles and equipment to the right location for the next few months. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to understand that carrying out these activities would lead to severe erosion and ground quality would be damaged too. Use the bog mats from JWA Oilfield Supplies to create an artificial pathway for workers and vehicles. It would ensure that the ground quality is maintained and its original nature doesn’t alter.

Protect Tree Roots

Conducting mining operations or setting up an oil rig within a forest can be daunting. Carrying heavy machineries to the exact location might damage the tree roots and may negatively impact the natural habit of the region. Bog mats are the best options you can avail to avert these problems. No matter how many times equipment carrying trucks have to drive back and forth, these mats ensure that the network of tree root, lying underground, doesn’t suffer a blow.

Protect the Natural Habitat

Ecology is not just about trees, grass and soil quality. Animals also play a major role in maintaining biodiversity of a region. Deterioration of the ground quality, leading to ecological imbalance would mean endangering their natural habitat as well. Temporary accesses created through bog mats mean that the environmental balance is maintained and the creatures living in this region would experience no change in their habitat. Bog mats are inexpensive and available for hiring from reputable suppliers in the locality. With these bog mats, your effort to protect the natural habitat could not be easier.

Protect the Wetlands

Irresponsible human actions and unplanned, rapid urbanization are leading to the extinction of wetlands faster than you can imagine. In the name of development, activities, such as oilfield rigging, real-estate projects and growing rate of human footfall, are permanently altering the original nature of these regions. If you are sincere about keeping preserving the original nature of these wetlands that also function as water supply resources for plants, use bog mats. By reducing human footfall and direct impact from heavy machineries, these bog mats stop the ecological balance surrounding these wetlands from altering.

Conserving the environment is a mammoth task indeed. However, small initiatives from everyone can reduce the burden on others. Start using big mats to create temporary pathways for your projects. Play your role to create a better world for the future generations.

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