Tips to study work and live better

Cast the first stone who has never left everything to the last minute at least once in his life. That is precisely what we want to talk about today: time management.

If inattention, procrastination or mental fatigues are your most powerful demons, don’t miss these tips to better manage your time. Once you apply them to your studies, work or daily life, you will thank yourself.

What is time management?

Let’s start with the basics. Time management is how you organize your activities so that you can do them most effectively.

We know that time is the most valuable resource we have. Why? It is not something you can save, it passes inexorably. Even if you work as a freelance , it is an item to include in your fees, even if it is implicit. Manage some time for your own, so you can enjoy usa casino online.

Some characteristics of the weather that you may not have noticed are:

It is not something that can be bought.

You can’t stop it or go back.

It can be your enemy or your best ally.

Therein lies the importance of time management:  that it is the only “control” we can exercise over it for our benefit.

Benefits of time management

Since we mentioned the topic of benefits, now it’s time to tell you about some of the advantages of managing time effectively to do your activities. A better time management will give you scope to enjoy best Australian casinos to play online pokies.

Although it seems obvious, organizing your time will always favor you. And not just for your productivity. Wait till you see this list of benefits of time management:

Sharpen your punctuality

Better quality of your work

Less stress and anxiety

Your quality of life improves

You trust yourself more

Better ability to make decisions

And we could go on listing. But instead of us doing it, the ideal is for you to discover it on your own and convince yourself that proper time management is the key to turning your life around 180º.

Break the myth of routine

Many times we get carried away by advertising messages, love advice and rumors about the routine, the much-feared routine.

The truth is that routine should not always have a negative connotation. After all, human beings are creatures of habit. Your gym teacher confirms it.

That’s why when it comes to time management, it’s best to make routines and get used to them . In this way, you will create a habit that will allow you to carry out your activities without having to think about it.

Set priorities

Have you heard of the Eisenhower Matrix ? It is one of the most effective techniques for time management . It is based on establishing priorities among your pending tasks, so that you can carry out all of them in the best way.

Also known as the Important/Urgent Matrix , it was created by Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States. The scheme consists of making a matrix with 4 quadrants divided into:

Important and urgent tasks: These are the tasks with the highest priority. Do them right now!

Important but not urgent tasks: Tasks that are key, but not for yesterday. Schedule a time in your agenda this week to fulfill them.

Not important but urgent tasks: Tasks that you can schedule for after important and urgent tasks. And if it is in your possibilities, you could delegate them.

Non-important and non-urgent tasks: These are the ones that you can, or should, leave for later. If they are not important or urgent, consider removing them from your earrings.

That is why it is important to evaluate your list of tasks to assign them the degree of importance and urgency they deserve. That way, you won’t be paralyzed trying to decide where to start.

Say no to multitasking

Used to multitasking ? Well, get used to it. Have you ever checked Instagram while watching a movie ? Are you aware that this is an unhealthy habit? The same happens when working, studying or doing other activities. While it’s not an easy habit to kick, it’s best to say “no” to multitasking. The point is to focus on one thing to do it well. Nothing special. Your grandmother already said it: he who covers a lot, squeezes little.

Use technology to your advantage

If there are currently apps to travel , to save and even to flirt , of course there are also productivity apps for time management. And they are not few…

Perhaps you decided to work from home and you find it difficult to establish schedules so as not to go crazy and end up “living at work”. Some of the best apps that will help you organize yourself better are :

Google Calendar : create alerts so you don’t forget appointments, tasks and deadlines .

TickTick – Create lists for work, study, home and prioritize them.

Habitica : if you are a fan of video games, you will like the originality of this app.

To Do : This Microsoft app allows you to create to-do lists and check off those completed. – Write down potential tasks for you and help you stay organized.

Detect distractions and take control

You’ve probably been reviewing the document that you have to deliver and oops, for a distraction you changed tabs and are checking what you’re going to watch on Netflix later. Or you are already looking at things in the online store that you are not going to buy.

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