Tips on Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Once the excitement of announcing your engagement has passed, along with all the celebrating, well wishing and naming the day, the hard work of wedding planning begins. Regardless of whether you want a simple wedding or a really fancy, formal event, one of the most vexing aspects is choosing your key players. Those key players are your bridesmaids. They have an important role to fulfil so need to be chosen carefully.


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Decide on Numbers

How many bridesmaids should you have? There is no standard number of bridesmaids in wedding etiquette. It comes down to personal preference and the size of your wedding party. Some brides may only have one bridesmaid, others have several. In one extreme case a couple earned themselves a place in the Guinness book of Records by having 130. Most wedding planners will advise not going above twelve, however, for various reasons some of which are listed below.

Make a Wish List

Making lists is a good habit to get into when you’re planning a wedding. In choosing bridesmaids, it helps to make a list of all the people you’d like to ask. These could range from your best friend to your closest relatives. So make your own list first, then ask your partner who he would like to have a bridesmaid. He may, for instance, really like to include his little niece, which would keep his sister and mother happy. Weddings can get quite political when it comes to keeping the peace, so be prepared for a little give and take. Since bridesmaids traditionally are the bride’s right hand helpers, try not to have too many very small bridesmaids who will need lots of supervision.

Consider Your Budget

Many brides make decisions regarding the bridesmaids they choose based on budget. The happy couple are normally the ones footing the bill and bespoke outfits don’t come cheap. Consider the type of wedding attire you’d like, the colours and fabrics. These all play an important part in bringing the day together, including the look of the photographs. Of course, experienced wedding photographers, such as, a wedding photographer in Hampshire, can make any party look a million dollars, but it’s important everyone also feels comfortable. It’s better to have fewer bridesmaids in the right clothes than lots of bridesmaids and then having to skimp on their attire.

Choose Bridesmaids you can Trust

Part of the bridesmaid’s job is to help the bride plan the day, to organise her hen night, to help her with fittings, be a good listener and help with organising everything else. She needs to be someone close to you, who understands you and can make decisions about what you’d like without necessarily consulting you every moment. This could be on anything, from flowers to photographers. When asking potential bridesmaids, Bridal Guide advises not to put them in a position where they feel uncomfortable if they want to refuse. Instead, make it plain you understand if they have other commitments or reasons not to.

Choosing bridesmaids can be tricky, but needn’t be difficult. With a short list and a straightforward approach, the key players in any wedding party can be arranged without stress.

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