Reward Your Teams with These Fun Activities

It’s very important to keep your employees happy if you want to retain them and increase their productivity. While offering them a good salary, creating a comfortable, welcoming, and safe working environment are some of the basics you must be doing for them, you should also be showing them how much you appreciate their hard work. There are various ways that you can reward your employees, such as offering them gift vouchers, buying them lunch or breakfast on Fridays, or even giving them a cash bonus. However, if you’re looking for more fun and creative ways to boost morale and show them how grateful you are for them, why not try some of these fun group activities instead?

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Take Them to the Theatre

There is nothing quite like seeing a live performance on the stage, and it’s something that people don’t do very often. Many people only go and see a show for a special occasion, or when there is a play or musical that they have been dying to see comes to town. It is a great experience, and going out for dinner or drinks after the show can extend an already fantastic night. If you want to treat your staff, consider purchasing your team theatre tickets so that they can all enjoy a show together.

Family Day at a Theme Park

This is a great idea as not only is it a fun day out for your staff, but if they have families, they can enjoy the day with them as well. Kids, in particular, will love getting to go on all the rides and rollercoasters, and usually, this can be an expensive day out for family groups. Therefore, paying for their entry fee into the park will be greatly appreciated by parents. Even members of staff who don’t have kids will love this, especially if they are adrenaline junkies!

Chocolate Tasting

Another group activity you can do with your teams is taking them to a chocolate tasting. Indulging people’s tastebuds and allowing them to sample some amazing sweet treats will always be a crowd-pleaser, and they will also learn something interesting about the art of the chocolatier. You can visit specialist chocolate shops for this kind of event, or you can also look into doing a virtual chocolate tasting if this is easier to organize or if a lot of your staff are working remotely in other parts of the country.

Spa Retreat

What better way to say ‘thank you for your hard work’ than by allowing your employees to completely unwind? Booking a spa day or weekend could be the ultimate way to show your appreciation. Again, this is something that people don’t get to enjoy that often, and being pampered by professionals while you completely switch off from the world is something that everyone needs once in a while.

Escape Room

Finally, if you want your employees to bond and have some fun, an escape room could be the perfect activity for them to do together. Working against the clock to figure out the clues and escape can help encourage some healthy competition between groups while also working as a team-building exercise. It will be something they will all remember and likely want to do again. If you want to show your teams that you appreciate them, consider the suggestions above and see how much fun they will all have together.

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