Reasons prevent you from success

Amid the frenzied quest for success, the way some of us still remains stuck between failure and success. Failover and though unable to reach for success, in this article, I present you the reasons prevent you from success. I invite you, of course, it can not do, for the ineffective ..
1. watch TV too much
Watching television for long periods does not bring you any benefit, and believe me, not seen for short periods ..
Become channels only offer ads to motivate you to buy something, permeates this vertebrae increase of distracting the mind, do you really need this kind of nonsense?
Considerable research has linked between watching TV for more than 4 hours a day and the deterioration of mental faculties, especially the acquired ones such as reading and writing. While my friend is the most precious raw material for humans, not to waste in front of this colorful Fund ..
2. playing much
Playing a lot in a manner which proves exaggeration; you are wasting a lot of time on things that are not useless and unproductive.
There is nothing wrong, of course, some play for recreation and resistance to stress and depression, but all Mazad all alone turned against him.
Wise my friend compromise between the excessiveness, control time to play well and give good things to come soon.
Let alone dispersants and focused on doing things produced ..
3. The lack of regulation time
Follow-up and time management dull work, of course, but beneficial and useful as well as important to the organization and to maximize productivity and tool. Track and note your time accurately helps reduce waste in injury time, and make use of it in a new way.
Will amaze you if I grabbed a pen and paper for a week, tracking your time, how much sleep ?,
How necessitates between social networks? How wasted on the cafe, lounge Playstation?
If you do not have success after chose your time well and you will know why ..


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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