Investigating People Online


If there’s someone you need to get information about and know the general area where that person is located, then consider using search companies online. When you search people in FL databases, there are a few useful pieces of information that you should have on hand. If possible, find out the person’s date of birth, phone number, and last known address. You’ll usually be prompted to enter a name to get started with when you begin a search online. You could also be prompted to enter a city that’s associated with the person.

A company that is available for searching for information about people for any reason is Intelius. You could use the website to find out information about someone you want to hire or because you’re concerned about your safety. Another reason as to why you might want to search for someone online would be because you had a relationship with that person and you want or need to get back in touch with someone. It’s important to enter as much information as possible so that the site can deliver as much information as you need or want about that person, such as a phone number or a specific address. If you know specifics, such as the person’s last job title, then this is beneficial because the website can search for that information instead of searching for only a name.

There are sometimes social networks that will show up when you search for someone. Use this information to see if you can find that person on the social media site. If you have a picture, then you can sometimes upload the image to find the person online. When you use sites like Intelius, you can search in an anonymous manner so that the person doesn’t know you’re trying to find out information. There is an option for a reverse phone search using the site. This means that you can enter all of the phone numbers associated with that person to find out addresses and other information. There is an option to view public records, such as marriages or court records. However, some pieces of information might not be visible unless you pay for the records. A criminal background check is also an option that is available, which is beneficial if you’re hiring someone for a job or if you’re getting information about someone who will be in your home to care for a family member.


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