How to Outcompete Rivals on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon gives you access to a gigantic base of consumers who regularly visit the e-commerce website for their shopping needs. The problem is, that most retailers are now present on the platform, as they’ve realized just how important this market can be for their growth. As such, your business is competing with hundreds if not thousands of similar firms for the attention of web users. This article is about how you’ll outcompete your rivals – in terms of your store, your prices, and your marketing.


Your Store

Your store is your shop window. Everything about it will be sanded by a savvy web users in order to determine whether you’re a trustworthy retailer or one that they’d rather not shop with. As such, it’s highly important that you do everything you can to make your store appear professional and reputable. Here are some tips to achieve that:

  • Make sure there are no spelling errors on your entire store and listings pages
  • Ensure that all the photographs of your products are of the highest quality
  • Have your brand picture and description honed so that your brand is recognizable and understandable
  • Be careful to respond to feedback and reviews where possible

If your store looks like a place, people will feel comfortable shopping, especially given the number of scams present online, and more web users will be happy to shop with you instead o your rivals.

Your Prices

Your prices will determine just how many products you manage to sell on Amazon. Even if you’re rarely shopping for the cheapest products available on the platform, you’ll be well aware of the search tools that you can change in order to find products sold at a cheaper price. This function is used by millions of Amazon users each day to find good-value products.

In a crowded marketplace, a competitive price point can set you apart from your rivals. Even selling a product for a dollar less than your nearest competitor can help you secure a larger share of the market. Beware, though, that certain goods do not suit this strategy. Luxury goods, for instance, shouldn’t necessarily be sold at lower prices as this will suggest fake or cheap products to consumers.

Your Marketing

Finally, your marketing will help determine how many people see your brand, your store, and your products. The better your marketing efforts, the more people will visit your store and purchase products from it. Those people would have gone to your rival stores if they failed to find yours. Every consumer you persuade to shop at your store rather than the store of your rivals equals a slightly larger share of the market for your store.

To excel at marketing and to put you on the map, partner with the experts at, who will be able to put together a marketing campaign that’ll show off your products to the highest possible number of consumers, delivering many of them directly to your product pages. Outcompete your rivals with these three key tips, designed to capture a little more of the market for your store.

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