Five Online Marketing Trends for 2015

The internet has dramatically altered the marketing landscape. As we spend more time on smartphones, tablets and laptops, companies must find new ways to connect with consumers and build brand awareness. Here are five online marketing trends that we can expect to see in 2015.

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1. Content Marketing Will Remain A Powerful Force

A key way that organisations establish authority and gain trust with consumers is by creating valuable content through various channels. This could be to provide industry information or to entertain. Providing relevant content helps an organisation to engage with its audience, build its reputation and develop a loyal following., Some of the key channels include social media, company websites, case studies, newsletters, videos and blogs on other websites.

2. It Will Need to Be Mobile-Friendly

Forbes predicts that in 2015 mobile optimization will become more important than ever.
Smartphone and tablet use is growing rapidly, and companies will have to create content that is mobile-friendly. Whether it’s creating a separate mobile version of a website or providing a responsive site that automatically optimizes, consumers will expect to be able to browse via a mobile device. As people move away from PCs and laptops, businesses that fail to adapt to this trend are likely to lose website traffic.

2. Social Media Marketing Will Diversify

New social media sites are springing up, and the big three – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – are facing increased competition. While some never take off, others such as Google+, Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest are going from strength to strength. In order to reach a wider range of consumers, businesses will have to extend marketing strategies to include emerging social media platforms in addition to the existing ones.

4. Visual Content Will Rule

Viral sharing sites such as Buzzfeed owe much of their success to image-based content. In a cluttered environment, it is important to make content easy to read and digest, and a powerful image will have a stronger impact. Visual story-telling can include infographics, which combine images with small quantities of text and are very popular these days.

5. Lights, Camera, Action!

With increasing numbers of videos appearing on Facebook, You Tube’s position as the number one video-uploading platform could be challenged.

As video sharing becomes more popular, the video will come into its own as an important marketing tool. Virtually anyone can afford a good-quality camera, and with video technology becoming less expensive, there are significantly more opportunities for companies to deliver content in front of the camera.

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