Five Must-Have Components for an Online Clothing Store


Do you want to open a clothing store online? Maybe you have a line of clothing that is perfect for adults, teens or even tweens. A website for an online store must have many features to be a hit with shoppers. Look at five must-have components for an online clothing store.

Ease of Navigation

When shoppers visit your online clothing store they will give your site just a few seconds to impress them. If they see a skirt or a sweater that they want to know more about, they should be able to see a full description of it with just a couple clicks. Or, if they are looking for a pair of jeans in a particular size, they should be able to quickly find out whether you have them in your store’s inventory. Making your online store easy to navigate is going to win over shoppers right away.

Colorful Images

If you’re selling clothing items, it is especially important that you create a collection of colorful photos of your pants, shirts, sweaters, hats, etc. Shoppers will appreciate the bright colors as well as clothing items shown from different angles. Though they are not seeing your inventory in-person, most shoppers want the best idea possible of what they will be buying from your store.

A Secure Checkout Process

When a shopper’s cart is full, he or she will go to check out on your site. Having a secure checkout process is essential to win over the loyalty and trust of your customers. So, you may want to get the help of web designing professionals. One example of where you can receive this kind of help is BlueHat.

Easy Accessibility to Customer Service

When a shopper has a question, they want to get an answer as soon as possible. So, be sure you provide shoppers with several ways to contact your customer service team. One great idea is to have live chat available. This allows customers to text back and forth to a customer representative via your website.

A Social Media Presence

Having a presence on social media is an advantage in the 21st century. When your store has an account on social media, it means your customers can keep up on the latest additions to your clothing collection. Also, they can comment on what they like and what they don’t. This information is very valuable to an online business owner.

Lastly, these are five must-haves for an online clothing store. Take some time to make a list so you can be organized about exactly how your website will work.

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