Another Writing Site… Legit or Not?

A new writing site was born. Oh really? My attention was caught while browsing my email, a few hours ago and I happened to see an invitation to join this new writing haven from Karel Dekar. Is this legit or not? To see is to believe. And so, I’ve registered successfully and while exploring the site, I happened to see some familiar faces here, some good writers from Bubblews and other writing sites, too.

Is this ¬†another added frustration and disappointment to our list? Did we not learn from our mistakes in the past? You see, some site to this kind of caliber would just come and go and leave all members in grief and disbelief. Come pay day, some site just evaporated or we will just learn that someone just ran away the money intended for the writers. It’s just that all efforts will just put into waste and poor us, we will be left disheartened.

If you will ask me, I may complain or be dismayed from all the experiences I’ve been through in some writing sites I’m a member with, but, I would honestly admit that I still submit a post or two from those sites from time to time. I never gave up or lose hope.

Am I gonna try or test this new one, too? Well, yes… why not? That’s why I am here now, writing this FIRST POST of mine. But, I will not expect too much and give my all, just what I did before. I’ll try to peek once in a while if everything here is going on smoothly and if there’s a possibility that all members will receive their hard earned money without difficulty when they reached the minimum payout. So be it!

Best of Luck to one and all… and to this new site. GOD be with Us, ALWAYS!!!


A simple person with simple dreams and aspirations in life. A Registered Nurse who enjoys writing in different online site.

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