Annoying about women

There are things to worry about wives in couples in everyday life, after they dominated the beginning of the romance and courtesies
The sentiment at the height of the temperature and each is trying to show the best Maver and satisfy his lover,
The stage hit some kind of laxity and negligence
The emotions become restricted family responsibility and burdens of life.

That among the things that bother wives, for example, that the husband is by eating breakfast run his laptop computer or tablet on the weekend,
When his wife asks him for something from their conversation be always replied yes, although he did not hear what she said to him, or that he does not give her any attention.
Some women also complained that couples very rarely attend them and Rhoda.


mysteries of women:

– There is no woman who does not like to remember her birthday feast, even if the sixtieth, she just wants you to ignore the year and not today.
– Like a woman to find a lot of contacts on her phone, this makes them feel that the relationship is under control.
– Women often change their mind and will continue to change her mind.
– Women are often left her phone rang without answer,
This is of great importance
– ‘I wish you happiness with someone else’, they mean: Go to hell.
– If you would like women to act as a mother scared small.
– If you said you do not need to tell me what I did all the time, it does not mean that at all.
– Snoring is a real problem in the life of your spouse


Yes, that annoying things about women too many

You must help all women to get rid of the annoying things in married life

And also help women in all different areas of life

We must also emphasize the basic fact here received here
And women are often change their minds and will continue to change her mind.

That women are the happiness of man in every place and time
And the man to accept this basic truth


احمد ابراهيم

I am a writer in many areas of life

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