4 Common Preparation Mistakes People Make in DIY Paint Jobs

With the mounting tutorials regarding every professional job on the internet, DIY tasking has become really popular. Many homeowners now want to save as much as possible on home remodeling, renovation, and repair by doing these jobs on their own. However, they don’t succeed in making the most of DIY activity because of their lack of knowledge.

For instance, many people are under the false impression that painting the walls is the easiest job out there. Instigated by this overconfidence, many home owners also commence a DIY paint job.  And after spending (or wasting) a lot of time and resources, the eventually find out that painting is not as easy as it looks like.

There are many mistakes or rather blatant blunders that people make when they engage in DIY paint jobs with no related expertise. Here we will look into the preparation mistakes or lack of it in most DIY jobs.

Preparation Mistakes in DIY Paint Jobs

Many people are so eager and excited to start painting their house that they don’t take up the necessary preparations. According to professional painters, following are some of the preparations that people miss when they commence DIY paint jobs. If you want to learn more about professional painting, then visit this link.

1) They Don’t Smoothen Out the Walls

With time, walls develop an uneven surface due to deteriorated old paint and tiny little holes. It is important to smoothen out all such surfaces before applying new paint to them. Keep in mind that all uneven surfaces become more prominent under a fresh paint coat.

2) They Don’t Clean the Walls

Even if walls are apparently looking clean, some dirt and grease traces are always present there. It is important to clean those stains before applying the paint coat. If you are thinking that a new paint coat will cover those stains, then you might be wrong because painting a dirty surface can lead to:

  • Bubbling in the applied coat after it dries out
  • The unevenness of the applied coat

3) They Use Strong Chemicals for Cleaning

Using anything besides the mix of soap and water or multipurpose cleaner, any other cleaning chemical can affect the wall texture that also reflects on the eventual paint job.

4) They Don’t Use Primers

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of primers. They are really important to make any paint job successful. There are multiple reasons why primers should be applied on the walls and surface before applying the first coat of the paint.

  • When painting a dark-colored surface with a lighter tone, primer prevents the seeping of the older darker coat onto the surface.
  • Primer is also important when you are painting timber surfaces. Tannin is an organic substance present within the wood that eventually comes out at the surface to smudge any new paint job. By using primer, you can provide insulation between the layer of the paint and timber.

Generally, it is always better to get the services of professional painters instead of exhausting your energy and money in imperfect DIY paint jobs.

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