Growing Markets in the Technology Industry

In the business world, the best way to make a splash is to get in on the ground floor of a growing industry. Sometimes that can be hard to do. In some cases, it’s hard to take notice that an industry is growing until after it is too late. The ability to notice when an industry is about to take off or is just a dying trend is what separate the great businesses from the bad ones. It’s also a trait that most companies look for in leaders for their companies.

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Afghanistan Cellphone Market

One example of a market that could be worth billions to a company is the growing cellphone market in Afghanistan. Since 2007, this industry has been on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down as of 2015. Despite this being a relatively new industry for the country, around 150,000 people in Afghanistan subscribed to a monthly cellphone plan. Entrepreneurs, such as Ehsanollah Bayat, were able to take advantage of this with quick action. This resulted in getting in on the ground floor of an industry that has a lot of growth potential.

Video Games

If there is one market that has stood up to the test of time, it’s the video game market. Around the world, video game sales continue to rise thanks to not only dedicated handheld devices but also the rise of smartphones. One reason why this market continues to thrive is because of the indie scene. Companies like Nintendo and platforms like Steam have made it increasingly easy for indie developers to get into the video game market. The result has been a steady flood of games that are made for much less than AAA titles Unlike other technologies that are booming in select countries, the video game industry is one of the few that is enjoying a worldwide increase in sales.

Solar Power

Countries all over the world are looking for ways to generate clean energy. Solar power has always been an option, but until around 2013, the technology to mass produce solar power was too expensive. This caused companies to shy away. However, as technology has improved, so has the manufacturing process of these panels. The result is cheaper solar panels that companies can mass produce. Noticing a downward trend in the price of these panels, some companies bought huge supplies to create their own solar energy farms. These farms provide them with a cheap way to produce clean energy for the masses. However, with millions of markets around the world looking for the same kind of energy, this is one market that will continue to grow for years to come.

Great leaders are the people who can spot a trend that will become more than just a fad. They can spot technology that will spark an economy and act quick enough to be part of the founding fathers of that idea. Doing this propels a company into greatness. Since technology is always advancing, companies have to stay vigilant to changing trends and have awareness to spot when it’s time to bring new technology to third-world countries.

What To Expect From The Best Mac Movie Maker Software Programs?

Do you want to make a movie on your Mac device? You might be a video hobbyist who is planning to make a cherishing movie with your great captures from the last party and this where you have the mac movie maker systems to help you out. It’s to note here that there is no shortage of movie maker programs for the Mac devices but not all would be equally compatible with you. Being a video hobbyist you would love to use the software often and hence be careful about your selection. The post here is a brief on what to expect from the best Mac movie maker software systems.

High reputation

The movie maker software you would be taking to should come up with a high end reputation. A positive market impression signifies the credibility quotient of a brand. The best ones usually command a worldwide following.

Ease of use

This is another great criterion of a credible movie maker software program. The best ones are usually designed with intuitive interface which makes the product easier to handle. There should not be any requirement of any special high end computing skills to operate the software.

Customization facilities

The best movie maker systems come up with easy customization facilities so that you can personalize the movie at your best. You will be able to choose your preferred aspect ratio, trim off the unwanted fragments, delete the undesired segments, adjust volume, rotate frame & cut the added footage into various parts etc. These are the basic editing functions you can generally expect in a reliable movie maker system.

Sound addition

No good movie is complete sans background scores. Thus, the best Mac movie making software programs generally allow the users to add on audio files to your movie. In case the audio files are longer in comparison to your movie needs, the leading software programs will even work to trim off the file length as per your specifications.

Video enhancement

Then, the best movie maker programs also helps with video quality enhancement by fixing the usual amateur errors with white balance fix up, brightness adjustment and so on.

Format compatibility

The best Mac movie maker programs are generally compatible with most of the audio & video formats as well as all the popular mobile handsets.

You can take to Movavi Video Editor for Mac as its one among the highly rated Mac movie makers around, trusted in more than 150 countries.

Share large files between your computer and your phone

ShareIt is an application that lets you transfer large files between your desktop and your mobile phone. The tool uses the Wi-Fi network to transfer files and consumes no phone data. Thanks to the utility you can share video files or photos in HD quality without connecting cables, upload files to the cloud or use a USB device. You can transfer heavy file between your computer and your phone (Android – iOS) between phones (Android, Windows Phone and iOS) or between computers.


Once downloaded the application from their official website (you’ll have to download and install for each device), you can see its simple interface, from which you will begin to transfer large files instantly. In the test we will from be from a computer Windows desktop and mobile android.

The computer in this case will become the station platform and the mobile receiver. Now configure the profile with the name of the receiving device and only remains you click on the “Send” button. At this point you have to drag and drop the file (in this case a video 5.6MB), then select “Next”. The tool will start to search for the device connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

On the receiving device will have to accept files sent from the computer to start ShareIT transfer files quickly without data consumption.

ShareIt is a free application that is available for Windows operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

official site:

Samsung puts the release date VR Gear

During the Samsung Developer Conference held yesterday, the South Korean giant technology has officially announced the release date of the first batch of virtual reality helmets Gear VR, which will soon be available in major markets. Those who wish to seize this new device will only have to wait until early December. Note that this release will not be exclusive to South Korea since the helmet will be hitting several major markets worldwide.

In the US, the new center will be released as the Innovator Edition Gear VR originally mentioned during the month of September. This edition of the helmet technology will Oculus, whom the South Korean has been working in recent months. Recall that the VR Gear for now is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 , which has a great screen Super AMOLED 5.7 inch Quad HD resolution, thanks to which we will get a first visual experience.

The official specifications do not seem to have changed much, but now carries a 16GB microSD which comes loaded software system, images and other things. The town has several sensors including acceleration, geomagnetic, proximity and gyro. Recall that the Note 4 connected to the hull using the microUSB port and can make use of a touchpad, back button and volume to access the different sections and applications.

From now is also available a new kit for developers known as the Oculus Mobile SDK, designed for those looking to create their own content and applications for VR Gear . But that’s not all, because Samsung and Oculus already working with other companies to create additional content.

Sharp has developed a Quad HD 4.1 inch screen

Display manufacturers continue their eternal struggle. Some focus on large, while others prefer something smaller but higher resolution screens. There are many companies that strive to get as many pixels for possible inch, and for that a high resolution and a small screen is required. Sharp is one of the manufacturers that has made progress in that regard, as has recently released a brilliant high-resolution LCD screen (relative to their size). It is a panel with technology IGZO which has a Quad HD resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels and measures just 4.1 inches, giving it a density of 736 pixels per inch or so.

To give you an idea about let’s put things in perspective. Some of the best smartphones have a density of 500 pixels per inch, maybe 550 at best. According to Nikkei, the new Sharp screen would be the equivalent of a 6-inch 4K, which, if memory serves me, so far we have not seen. Given the pace with which companies in this sector are advancing, it would be no surprise start seeing amazing screens from next year. Still, this panel 736ppp start being mass produced only in 2016, so we must wait at least another year to see it in action.

The truth is that, unless the case of a very large screen (like a TV), take decisions beyond the Quad HD not worth it, because the human eye barely notice the differences achieved. It may be better to focus on other aspects such as brightness, sharpness, color quality, etc.

Tell us: what do you think of the new 4.1-inch screen with Quad HD resolution of Sharp ?

Digicare ERI: A smartwatch you can not miss

Digicare ERI is a new SmartWatch eyes that fall into more than a geek! It is an intelligent clock-shaped bracelet comes in various colors and with its retro look available in classic colors like black, white, blue, red and green, fusing large font sizes allows us to view information without having to pay too much attention to the tiny screen. Let’s take a deeper look at its main components and technical specifications.

Some of the main features of Digicare ERI are:

  • Bluetooth V4.0.
  • A waterproof.
  • Built-in battery not replaceable.
  • Account pulses with accuracy of 95%.
  • Touch screen display with low battery consumption (7-10 days old).
  • Magnesium cover that can measure the temperature of the device.
  • Sync your smartphone via Bluetooth V4.0 with the following devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod touch 5, iPhone 6 and 6 plus iPhone, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mimi2, iPad air and mobile Android: are supported everyone using version 4.3 and higher.

Technical Specifications

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Style: LED
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red.
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Special functions: receiving calls, alarm, pedometer, SMS alert, calendar.
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Display: OLED Touch screen +
  • Bluetooth: V4.0
  • Battery: 7 to 10 days
  • Charging Method: Micro-USB + DC-3.7V
  • Weight: 22 g.
  • Package includes: 1 x SmartWatch, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Charging Adapter.

If you are interested in clock is available from Gearbest and it is best to use the coupon DERICN you can have a discount of up to $ $ 53.65 until next December 31, that means almost 75% off the original value of clock. If you wanted while having a smartwatch this is your chance at a very low price.

Elon Musk fears the advancement of artificial intelligence

Much has been said about the technological singularity, a hypothetical point in the future when the software becomes sufficiently self-aware and evolve beyond human understanding. Some say it will be when you begin true technological evolution of humankind, while others believe that artificial intelligence will turn against us, the better Terminator style.

Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur behind big companies like Tesla and SpaceX Motros, afraid to advance artificial intelligence, and in fact believes that it will become deadly for us in a period of 5 to about 10 years.

Jaron Lanier, a pioneer of the technology of virtual reality, recently began a discussion on the Internet through an article that talked about the myths of artificial intelligence. Several scientists and engineers collaborated with comments on the topic, and one of them was Elon Musk, who sounded particularly alarmed about.

Musk believes something seriously dangerous could happen in about five years or so, or in 10 years at the latest. Musk says he has always found very supportive of the advancement of technology, and has actually started thinking about the topic of artificial intelligence and its dangers only in recent months.

Apparently, Musk commentary that appeared in the press Lanier was actually private and should not appear in public sectors. Although now was deleted article, several screenshots were made before and are available in many web portals. For some reason, the idea was that Musk comments on artificial intelligence did not go to the public how they did.

What think you? Do you think that artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity?

Samsung will launch flexible screens in late 2015

New reports suggest that Samsung is making great progress in the field of technology screens, which will help you grow more in the smartphone market, and is more than likely that flexible displays are part of that plan. During the Samsung Investor Forum 2014 held in the city of New York, a company executive has announced that dividing screens South Korean giant, Samsung Display, is launching a new flexible screen (or perhaps several) at the end of next year. Apparently this new screen would aim for smartphones that will be able to be folded in half, like a sheet of paper is involved.

Lee Chang-hoon has indicated that they expect to begin producing between 30,000 and 40,000 flexible displays each month from November or December of next year. If all goes according to plans, Chang-hoon said that in 2016 there will be no company able to match Samsung in producing this kind screens. That’s not all, because the executive has revealed that South Korea will launch a smartphone itself will feature a display of this type. Unfortunately at this time there are no precise details of such a device, so we’ll just have to keep waiting, after all missing about a year to the arrival of this smartphone.

All indications are that Samsung plans to continue investing in the world of flexible displays and expanding in this new sector, since the Galaxy Note Edge was well received in the market. Surely you remember that this smartphone is notable for its screen, which not only covers the front of the device, but also its right side.

The picture of the smartphone we see in 2015 and 2016 seems to be improving.

Nokia announced the new tablet N1

The guys from Nokia are starting a new stage in the history of the company. Here is the first device that the firm has since released the partial takeover by Microsoft for many months now, and contrary to what many expected, the new device is a tablet. Instead of producing the tablet on your own, Nokia is betting by third parties to this task. The new Nokia N1 is a tablet with 7.9-inch screen whose resolution goes up to 2048 × 1536 pixels, being protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3. The N1 has a thickness of only 6.9mm and aluminum body and design unmistakably reminiscent iPad Mini.

The Nokia N1 uses an Intel Atom 64-bit processor running at 2.3GHz and also has a GPU PowerVR G6430. A level memories have 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while the main camera has an 8-megapixel autofocus sensor and while the front makes use of May 1 megapixels and can record videos in Full HD. The tablet also includes two stereo speakers 0.5W with less harmonic distortion at 10%. Other specifications include WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, a sensor 6-axis accelerometer and a lithium ion battery capacity of 5300mAh which lasts about 9 hours, depending on usage that we give to the tablet of course.

It should be mentioned that Nokia N1 will be one of the first devices in the sector have a microUSB 2.0 reversible Type-C connector and it will be released directly with Android 5.0 Lollipop, which as we know is the latest version of the platform Google . The system will have Z Launcher, a user interface that was announced last June.

The Nokia N1 will be launched during the first quarter of next year and will cost about $ 250. China will be the first market to receive, followed by other countries.

Motorola Keylink: a new accessory to find your keys

Motorola has unveiled a new accessory that will help people find certain objects that are often lost frequently, like keys for example. This is the Motorola Keylink, and it is designed to be placed next to our keys or anything else you do not want to lose.

When we can not find the object in question, we simply take our smartphone and activate the Keylink, which will ring and allow us to find whatever it is that we lost. We should mention that the smartphone and Keylink should be at a distance of less than 30 meters to work.

This is not a new idea, as we have previously seen other products similar to this purpose, such as Nokia Treasure Tag. But the Motorola Keylink adds a new function: can be used to unlock your smartphone, provided they are in the aforementioned range. The second generation of Moto X, Droid Turbo or any smartphone that runs Android 5.0 Lollipop is compatible with the Keylink, we can also use it to keep our mobile unlocked permanently while near us. If objects are separated, then the smartphone will lock automatically.

To make best use of Keylink we will have the Motorola Connect application, also can activate the ringtone for your mobile in case you can not find it (it be activating from the Keylink course). We should also mention that the accessory will not disturb the rain as it is approved water, plus the battery life (which can be easily replaced) will be up to one year.

The new Motorola Keylink will cost only $ 25 and is available from Motorola or different resellers.